The US Economy and OPEC – How They Are Connected

How OPEC Impacts the Cost of US Goods and Services American mathematician, meteorologist and the pioneer of chaos theory, Edward Lorenz coined the phrase the “butterfly effect” in 1969, which suggests that small perturbations, changes and causes in one location may have large effects and impacts in an entirely different... Read More +

La Economía de EE. UU. Y la OPEC: Cómo están Conectados

La Economía de EE. UU. Y la OPEC Cómo Afecta la OPEC el Costo de los Bienes y Servicios Estadounidenses… Read More +

California’s Wildfires and How They Impact the Economy

When California Is On Fire the Economy Feels the Burn The origin of the name California can be traced back to a handful of theories, including a Spanish translation, caliente horno, meaning “hot furnace;” an indigenous word meaning “high hill;” and most commonly recognized, from the 16th century novel Las Sergas... Read More +

Incendios Forestales en California y su Impacto en la Economía

Incendios Forestales en California Cuando California está en llamas, la economía siente la quemadura El origen del nombre California se… Read More +

Truck Driver Shortage – Why This Job is So Hard to Fill

Massive Driver Shortages in the Trucking Industry According to a report by Axios, there are many industries in the United States that are having a tough time filling critical employment roles, such as construction workers, farmers, truck drivers and first responders. Despite good pay and benefits, there is a giant... Read More +

Escasez de Conductores de Camiones: ¿Por Qué este Trabajo es tan Difícil de Llenar?

Escasez de Conductores de Camiones Escasez Masiva de Conductores en la Industria del Transporte Terreste De acuerdo con un informe… Read More +

Uber Self-Driving Trucks Are Now A Thing of the Past

Uber Self-Driving Trucks Division is No Longer In March of this year we wrote an Expert Insight piece on the rise of Uber Freight and their desire to expand the cutting edge use of autonomous vehicle technology. It was believed that this would drastically disrupt the trucking industry, and was... Read More +

Los Camiones Autodirigidos de Uber son cosa del Pasado

Camiones Autodirigidos de Uber La división de Camiones Autodirigido de Uber ya no Existe En marzo de este año, escribimos… Read More +

3 Things to Know About the New API SN PLUS Formulation

The New API SN PLUS Formulation and Why You Should Care When it comes to turbocharged engines, it’s all about performance, which is why automakers are spearheading the newest supplemental motor oil specification – API SN PLUS – to protect against Low-Speed-Pre-Ignition (LSPI) – a condition found within Turbocharged Gasoline... Read More +

The 3 Tiers of Food Grade Lubrication – H1, H2, H3

Food Grade Lubrication – Not All Products Are Created Equal When dealing with manufacturing or packaging products that require food grade lubrication, it is essential to be conscious of what greases, degreasers, cleaners, seamers, etc that you may be using in your warehouse or facility because public health and safety... Read More +

Los 3 niveles de la lubricación de grado alimenticio - H1, H2, H3

Cuando se trata de lubricación de grado alimenticio, no todos los productos son iguales Cuando se trata de fabricar o… Read More +

How Houghton Fluids Keep Our Most Reputable Brands in Motion

Innovative and Sustainable Fluid Solutions For some of the world’s most reputable names and brands –  Rolls Royce, NASA, and Boeing – only the best will do, which is why they choose Houghton International fluid technology to meet their industrial needs. Based in Valley Forge, Pennsylvania, Houghton is involved with the... Read More +

Cómo los Fluidos de Houghton Mantienen Nuestras Marcas más Reconocidas en Movimiento

Houghton Fluids Soluciones innovadoras y sostenibles para fluidos Para algunos de los nombres y marcas más reconocidas del mundo, Rolls… Read More +

Round 3 of Lubricant Price Increase Set for July/August of 2018

  Oil Marketers Brace Themselves for Lubricant Price Increases Recently we received notification from some of our major and private label oil manufacturers that a 3rd round of lubricant price increases for finished lubricants are coming, beginning July and August of 2018. Notifications continue to trickle in, but as of... Read More +

Ronda 3 de aumento de precio del lubricante fijado para julio / agosto de 2018

Aumento de Precio   Comercializadores de Aceite se Preparan para el Aumento en los Precios de Lubricantes por Julio/Agosto de… Read More +

Finished Lubricants Price Increase Pending April 2018

Finished Lubricants Price Increase With the continued rise of raw material costs that impact the manufacturing, processing and delivery of finished lubricants, a 2nd round of price increases are expected by all major manufacturers by as early as April 23, 2018. According to Jobbers World, price increases on finished lubricant... Read More +

California’s Internal Combustion Engine Ban

How Will Proposed AB 1745 Affect California’s Motor Vehicle Industry District 19 (San Francisco) Assemblyman Phil Ting dropped a bomb on Californians this January with his introduction of AB 1745 – the Clean Cars 2040 Act, which if implemented will require all passenger vehicles sold after January 1st, 2040 to be... Read More +

Uber Freight and the Rise of Autonomous Trucking

How the World’s #1 Rideshare App is Utilizing Self-Driving Trucks Roughly 15.5 million trucks in operation in the United States. 2 million of these trucks are tractor trailers and are operated by nearly 3.5 million truck drivers. At the helm of one of America’s most iconic occupations, the trucking industry... Read More +

California Craft Brewing – Dominating the World

Who in California doesn’t love an ice-cold beer? According to the California Craft Brewers Association, California craft brewing now sits at the epicenter of the American craft brewing movement and continues to lead the nation in number of breweries per capita – more than any other state with upwards of... Read More +

Lubricant Price Increases for All Major Manufacturers

This February Expect Lubricant Price Increases for all Major Oil Manufacturers Beginning in February 2018 you can expect all major oil manufacturers – Chevron, Shell, Phillips 66, Exxon/Mobil, etc – to roll out lubricant price increases of 5-7% on lubricating oils, coolants/antifreezes and greases, with certain specific products potentially increasing... Read More +

Biodiesel, Renewable Diesel and Alternative Diesel

How Has Biodiesel Evolved and How Are Renewable and Alternative Diesel Products Changing the Game What is Biodiesel Biodiesel is a renewable, biodegradable and clean-burning diesel replacement fuel that was created to reduce our US dependence on foreign oil while at the same time minimize the carbon footprint of diesel... Read More +

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