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Full Synthetic Motor Oils

SCL offers a portfolio of the most advanced full synthetic motor oils to handle the toughest of applications. Provide your vehicles with additional protection to fight against sludge and wear, all the while keeping pistons cleaner and engines lasting longer.

Industrial Oils

Sourcing the right industrial lubricants can reduce costly downtime. At SCL, we offer a wide spectrum of ISO grades and viscosities that service extreme- to moderate-temperature applications as well as complex food grade and environmental applications.

Transmission Oils

For fleet owners or installment facilities that service a variety of makes and models, staying current with the latest OEM specifications changes requires precious time and energy. SCL experts help alleviate any guesswork when it comes to transmission service.

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Fleet Evaluations

Our experts conduct fleet surveys for companies and municipalities, ensuring that your fleet is being maintained at the right intervals with the right products. That alone can keep your vehicles on the road for longer.


At SCL, we coordinate deliveries to your facility, and even work to ensure re-ordering occurs when it needs to so that you can concentrate on the everyday demands of your business.

Oil Analysis

Our oil analysis option ensures that your products are performing to their standards. We work with customers to test fluids at specified time or distance intervals to better educate on any potential red flags or inconsistencies.

Client Story

“Our customers come to us and expect us to be the experts on their vehicles. And when it comes to lubricants, SCL is absolutely the expert.”

—Gary Fenelli, Vice President and General Manager , FRANK MOTORS

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