Our Approach to Oil Analysis

We provide comprehensive fluid testing to ensure your equipment and its components are working both efficiently and effectively.


Fleet owners, heavy equipment operators and industrial technicians frequently change component fluids in an effort to boost performance and protect the integrity of their engines. Oftentimes, they dispose of expensive products prematurely or even worse, continue operating with underperforming and outdated fluids. Oil analysis evaluates how effective that new or existing product is when it comes to your vehicles, and if everything is working as it should. Ideally, after 3,000 miles, for example, you want your oil to have the same chemical makeup as the virgin product you started with. In oil analysis, samples are benchmarked against virgin product specifications to determine areas of degradation or concern. The results will evaluate whether current practices will lead to unwanted deposits or shorter time intervals between required services, which ultimately means higher costs. Although other companies provide oil analysis , they often leave customers to interpret results themselves and, if necessary, find their own solutions.

Although other companies provide oil analysis services, they often leave customers to interpret results themselves and, if necessary, find their own solutions.


At SCL, we take oil analysis seriously because we understand these results tell the true story on how your equipment is performing on a daily basis. We first establish a qualified batch sample, send the sample to a contracted partner lab and then provide a comprehensive analysis of your test results. If the analysis is free of contaminants after a specific time or distance interval, then we may recommend extending intervals between services, which may lead to overall cost savings. If there are any concerns related to elevated wear metals, contaminants or diminished protection in the products you are using, we have the expertise to recommend the right product for the right application. Our consultants can pinpoint whether a small number of your units need extra attention or if your entire fleet may be at risk.

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