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The best soaps keep vehicles looking vibrant and streak free, and they can even extend the life of your paint job. Choose from top brands and our in-house label, Olympus, for exterior vehicle wash liquids, tire and wheel cleaners, and interior products, all of which come in various sizes.


Washes & Waxes

Regular waxing and polishing not only helps to maintain appearance; it also fends off deep scratches that can eventually lead to rust build-up. SCL offers professional grade brands to help keep your vehicle’s outward appearance as smooth as its mechanics.



From sponges to water repellents, deodorizers to microfiber towels, SCL offers accessories to help keep any vehicles in your fleet or belonging to one of your customers looking new. We carry everything from high-quality polishers to drum spigots and razor blades to help your business shine.


Car Care Products

Vehicle wash liquids

Interior cleaners

Wheel cleaners


Specialty products

Interior/exterior & tire dressings

Compounds & cleaners

Polishes – waxes – glazes

Polymers and sealants

Upholstery & carpet care


Glass cleaners

Microfiber towel cleaner


Detail & specialty brushes

Wash brushes

Surface prep/clay

Wash mitts/wash squares & misc.

Applicators & sponges

Steel wool & abrasives

Classic curved euro foam pads

"Edge" foam pads

Euro waffle foam pads (2/package)

6" foam pads - porter cable

3.5" foam pads - mini pads

Professional wool compounding/buffing

Cyclo pads (4/package)


Backing plates

Metal polishing

Drum pumps & spigots

Hand tools

Bladesmicrofiber towels & chamois

Water sprites

Safety items


Plastic bottles

Floor mats, carpet film & seat covers

Vacuum accessories

Buffers & polishers

Vacuums & extractors

Paints & specialty aerosols (12oz cans)



Product Application Training

More so than just providing the correct products to your team, we work with your staff to ensure they understand how to utilize them at your facility. Education is a core value for us -- at our business and yours.

Plant & Equipment Surveys

SCL experts who conduct plant and equipment surveys evaluate everything from product storage to current equipment applications, providing a third-party perspective aimed at improving your bottom line.

Equipment Programs

SCL is a full-service equipment solutions company. We understand no two clients are alike which is why we customize your equipment program to match your organizations needs.

Client Story

“SCL has a bunch of SKU numbers that we could never keep in stock, but they have available for us as needed. ”

—Gary Fenelli, Vice President and General Manager, FRANK MOTORS

Video Academy

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