3 Ways 2020 Impacted How We Should All Do Business + How We’re Responding

From More Digital Services to Finding Ways Respond On-Demand, Here’s What We Should All Be Considering Moving Forward

The 2020 pandemic has brought about changes in consumer behavior that have impacted nearly every industry, as people have significantly decreased the number of trips they are making and increased their reliance on online commerce across all sectors.

According to Psychology Today, more people than ever are shifting their buying to online channels, with older Americans even adopting the practice for the first time. People are also spending more time at home, prompting businesses to explore how they can meet consumers where they are and engage with them in new ways.

“We are living in the same reality as everyone else. At SCL, we’ve adapted our business to incorporate more video meetings with customers and new ways of communicating besides face-to-face,” said SCL General Manager Travis Becktel. “When stopping by someone’s office no longer became an option, we had to find ways to adapt like everyone else or risk compromising how we do business.”

Here are three trends we’ve identified, how we’ve responded, and why you should consider making adjustments as well, if you haven’t already:

  1. Due to the rapid shift in consumer expectations for digital customer service, you must find a way for customers to conduct business using phones and computers – from viewing products to placing orders.

At SCL, this has meant pursuing digital options for customers and continually improving how we allow them to do business with us. New In the past several months, SCL has created a digital platform that allows new customers to create an account online, browse all available products, and chat directly with a team member online. Our CFN card lock customers can now also access important data online.


  1. As more people get used to real-time services like delivery of everything from food to cars, it may be time to pursue on-demand services yourself.

Although people are spending more time online, we recognized they are still craving the real-time response that face-to-face interactions provide. At SCL, we’ve responded by increasing our virtual tour options for services like site assessments, inventory checks, and product and practice recommendations to help customers save money and improve efficiency. Microsoft Teams is now a part of how we do business, and our online chat option is being used more than ever.


  1. There’s no more excuse for B2B not to catch up to B2C trends. Just as more consumers want new options for digital services in their daily lives, according to The Wall Street Journal, so do businesses.

Businesses now want personalized user experiences. There’s also a rising interest in longer-form content like blogs, a move away from content that requires an email subscription, and increased interest in automating basic service requests. At SCL, we believe investing in our customers and the way they do business with us ultimately means greater reward all around. If your customers are succeeding, you are too.


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