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Prop 6 Is Out – What This Means to Californians

November 23, 2018

With Midterm Elections Over, Where Do We Go From Here? On November 6th, Californians voted against Proposition 6, a constitutional amendment that would have eliminated a fuel-related tax designated for road repair and transportation infrastructure. Prop 6 aimed to repeal the gas tax that went into effect November 2017, which... Read More +

California Drought and the Impact on Its Economy

November 8, 2018

How Drought Impacts the Golden State’s Economy Besides the devastating effects of fire, which is also largely affected by drought, California’s economy is impacted by lack of water in a myriad of ways. According to a Brookings University article, “Water supply, including surface water found in streams, rivers, lakes, or reservoirs,... Read More +

Proposition 6 and the Future of Fuel Prices in California

October 9, 2018

How Will Californians Vote on Prop 6 November 6 In November of 2017 the Road Repair and Accountability Act was passed, otherwise know as Senate Bill 1, or SB-1 – created as a means by which the state of California could offset transportation costs for repairs to highway infrastructure and the... Read More +

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Proposición 6 y el Futuro de los Precios del Combustible en California

October 9, 2018
California Proposición 6 ¿Cómo Votarán los Californianos sobre la Prop 6? El 6 de noviembre En noviembre de 2017, se… Read More +

Engine Idling – A Quick Way to Waste Money

September 25, 2018

Wanna Save Some Cash – Turn Off Your Engine Funny how people will search high and low for a screamin’ deal or a bargain, even braving the gauntlet of Black Friday at Walmart and then overlook one of the simplest money saving tactics available – turning off their engines instead... Read More +

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Motor en Espera - Una Forma Rápida de Perder Dinero

September 25, 2018
Motor En Espera ¿Quieres ahorrar algo de dinero? Apaga tu Motor Es divertido cómo las personas buscan una oferta o… Read More +

Wind Energy Technology – What the Future of Wind Looks Like

September 13, 2018

The Benefits and Problems of Wind Energy Technology Harnessing the wind is an ancient technological practice, first employed by maritime peoples who captured it’s force in their sails to propel them across vast stretches of ocean. According to the Wind Energy Foundation, “Wind technology propelled boats along the Nile River as... Read More +

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La Tecnología de la Energía Eólica: Cómo se Ve el Futuro del Viento

September 13, 2018
La Tecnología de la Energía Eólica Los Beneficios y Problemas de la Tecnología de Energía Eólica   Aprovechar el viento… Read More +

Weather Related Traffic Accidents – Fall and Winter Preparation

September 6, 2018

Weather Affects Traffic Accidents and Driving Behavior Even though it’s hotter than the blazing pits of Hades in much of California right now, the Fall season is technically right around the corner and weather related traffic accidents are unfortunately something we as drivers need to consider. We are keeping our... Read More +

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Accidentes de Tráfico Relacionados con el Clima - Preparación para Otoño e Invierno

September 6, 2018
Accidentes de Tráfico Relacionados con el Clima El Clima Afecta los Accidentes de Tráfico y el Comportamiento de Conducción A… Read More +

California’s Wildfires and How They Impact the Economy

September 4, 2018

When California Is On Fire the Economy Feels the Burn The origin of the name California can be traced back to a handful of theories, including a Spanish translation, caliente horno, meaning “hot furnace;” an indigenous word meaning “high hill;” and most commonly recognized, from the 16th century novel Las Sergas... Read More +

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Incendios Forestales en California y su Impacto en la Economía

September 4, 2018
Incendios Forestales en California Cuando California está en llamas, la economía siente la quemadura El origen del nombre California se… Read More +

Fuel Efficiency Standards – Trump’s Plan to Roll Them Back

August 23, 2018

President Trump’s Historic Weakening of Fuel Economy Standards This summer, the Trump administration began taking steps to roll out what is being referred to as a “historic” weakening of fuel economy standards for passenger vehicles and the trucking industry. Besides the national implications of such an effort, the President also... Read More +

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Estándares de Eficiencia del Combustible: El Plan de Trump para Reducirlos

August 23, 2018
Estándares de Eficiencia de Combustible El Debilitamiento Histórico de los Estándares de Economía del Combustible del Presidente Trump Este verano,… Read More +

Spanish Translation – Expert Insight Posts Now in Spanish

August 9, 2018

Look for Our “Leer en Español” Links on All Future Posts To serve all of our customers and the many industries that we cater to in the best manner possible, moving forward SCL will be publishing articles in our “Expert Insight” section of our Blog translated into Spanish as well as... Read More +

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Busque nuestro enlace “Leer en Español” en todas nuestras futuras publicaciones

August 9, 2018
Spanish Translation Para servir a todos nuestros clientes y a las muchas industrias a la que atendemos de la mejor… Read More +

Earthquake Preparedness for Your Business

April 12, 2018

Preparation is Key When Dealing With an Earthquake Spend a little time in and around California and you will no doubt eventually experience an earthquake – the sudden, oftentimes violent and destructive agitation of our earth’s crust. This crust, otherwise know as our lithosphere is the hard candy shell of... Read More +

California’s Internal Combustion Engine Ban

April 10, 2018

How Will Proposed AB 1745 Affect California’s Motor Vehicle Industry District 19 (San Francisco) Assemblyman Phil Ting dropped a bomb on Californians this January with his introduction of AB 1745 – the Clean Cars 2040 Act, which if implemented will require all passenger vehicles sold after January 1st, 2040 to be... Read More +

California Craft Brewing – Dominating the World

February 8, 2018

Who in California doesn’t love an ice-cold beer? According to the California Craft Brewers Association, California craft brewing now sits at the epicenter of the American craft brewing movement and continues to lead the nation in number of breweries per capita – more than any other state with upwards of... Read More +

SCL’s New Emergency Generator: Ready For Anything

December 28, 2017

Expanding our Ability to Remain Reliable, Even in Emergency Situations In 2016, we at SCL made the decision to invest in the installation of two emergency generator systems at our Vista and San Marcos locations, providing 2 fully-operational emergency fueling options for North San Diego and all of San Diego... Read More +

The Future of California’s CARB Emissions Regulations

December 18, 2017

How CARB Emissions Regulations Will Impact Californians With a new presidential administration moving into power earlier this year, California finds itself at a crossroads in regards to energy policy and regulations monitoring and curbing greenhouse gases. The decidedly different state and federal views on the future of environmental regulation seem... Read More +

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