Spill Prevention and Secondary Containment

Polystar Oil Containment

Polystar Oil Containment

New Innovations in Secondary Containment Systems

California is tough on waste management, and secondary containment systems are often an essential part of a compliant spill prevention protocol. Title 22, referring to waste generation, is an official code of regulations within the state of California that outlines specific parameters for properly labeling and storing oil. As Title 22 states – specifically part 66265.193 – the size, condition and layout of a secondary containment vessel must be in relation to the primary tank. It must be large enough to adequately hold the tank contents in the case of an extended rain event that may cause overflow of hazardous materials into waterways or soil. Secondary containment vessels must remain 100% dry under adverse conditions, and units must be reviewed every five years by a registered professional engineer. Even if a secondary containment vessel does not contain actively used tanks, they are still subject to review every five years. Specific secondary containment regulations change depending on the governing municipality, from the state level to the county, and on down to city-specific requirements.

Polystar Containment and Spill Prevention

There are numerous companies on the market working to develop more effective secondary containment technology, and SCL remains connected to the evolution of new containment system innovations. We were recently introduced to a company that specializes in the development of secondary containment systems – Polystar Containment, who manufactures and installs spill prevention and secondary containment systems. Serving a wide spectrum of industries that include oil and gas development, military, petroleum distribution, municipalities, etc, Polystar specializes in secondary containment systems for the storage of materials classified as “hazardous.” Whether they are providing secondary containment for rail tankers, truck tankers or above ground tanks, all of their products meet the EPA’s Spill Prevention, Control and Countermeasures (SPCC) requirements that aim to prevent the discharge of oil into navigable waters or adjoining shorelines, as well as meeting the Facility Response Plan (FRP) rules. 

Fully Customizable Spill Prevention Solutions

The Polystar website offers an interactive “Hazmat Storage Builder” feature that allows you to create a custom secondary containment solution by answering questions about your specific needs and application. Their temporary or permanent spill prevention solutions are EPA compliant, competitive in price, quality made and built for durability. They require limited site preparation, no excavation, a rapid installation process, non-porous materials and design, chemical resistance and easy portability. They are an excellent alternative to more permanent, concrete containment solutions.

Some of Polystar’s line of secondary containment, Hazmat and spill prevention solutions include:

  • Poly Dike MPE®
  • Poly Dike™
  • Poly Tub™
  • Camel Tr-Star® Max
  • Star Tracks®
  • Poly Curb™
  • Camel Tri-Star® OPS
  • Containment Pad™
  • HazMat Pad™
  • Chemical and Hazmat Storage Buildings
  • Envirohut™
  • Grease Pad
  • Drillers Containment Pad
  • Bladder Dike MPE®
Poly Dike™ Surrounding Tanks

Poly Dike™ Surrounding Tanks

The Bottom Line

Depending on the requirements of your specific municipality, if you are storing materials deemed by the state of California as being “hazardous,” you will need to develop a secondary containment, spill prevention solution. Developing such a system can prove to be costly, but it is a necessary part of operating your business within the state. Consider Polystar containment as a possible solution for your containment needs, and if you have further questions about whether or not their line of spill prevention options are a fit for your company, feel free to reach out to an SCL consultant today.

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