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2021 Outlook: Automotive

January 26, 2021

SCL Explores Three Major Issues + Three Predictions for Automotive in 2021 While major players in the automotive industry offer an optimistic outlook for 2021, dealerships and service departments throughout California poised to rebound continue to play the waiting game with state-mandated closures. The solid victories that came out of... Read More +

SCL Adds Renewable Lubricants for Environmentally Friendly Product Option

December 17, 2020

New Product Line Offers Biodegradable, High-Performance Product Options While the use of biodegradable lubricants has long been required by law to protect coastlines and offer protection for consumers in food-grade manufacturing, a new line now available through SCL from Renewable Lubricants offers more environmentally friendly options for companies that want... Read More +

Hudson Adds to SCL Portfolio by Earning Coveted CLS Certification

June 28, 2020

Lubrication Engineer Credential Helps Customers Diagnose Problems, Find Solutions With another certification under his belt, SCL Industrial Development Manager Troy Hudson is now a double threat when it comes to helping industrial partners not only assess the overall health of oil and the machines they run, but to also make... Read More +

SCL Evolves Services to Align with Social Distancing Guidelines

April 28, 2020

New Procedures Focus on Safety, Ingenuity to Continue Delivering for Customers As businesses nationwide begin to eye ways they can start ushering customers back into their doors, numerous questions still exist about how long social distancing guidelines will govern how companies conduct day-to-day operations. Until those questions are answered, SCL... Read More +

Productive Responses You Can Take in a Volatile Economy

March 16, 2020

SCL Offers Perspective as Coronavirus Continues to Disrupt Business Operations The federal government has lowered interest rates, national sport leagues have suspended games, travel from Europe to the United States has halted, and businesses nationwide are trying to calm customers as fears surrounding the global spread of coronavirus (covid-19) build.... Read More +

The Coronavirus and Its Impact on Industry

February 19, 2020

Shipping Delays, Disruptions in Manufacturing and Logistics Already Being Felt As China and now several other countries continue to experience devastating health effects of the coronavirus, impact is also being felt among American businesses, including automotive, manufacturing and oil. As industries across the board experience shipment delays and disruptions in... Read More +

How to Know When Your Drums are Ready for Pickup

January 29, 2020

Environmental and Transportation Regulations Demand Intact, Drip Dry Drums Customers in nearly every industry receive 55-gallon drums of oil, lubricants or chemicals from SCL on a regular basis. From automotive to construction, agriculture to industrial manufacturing plants, 55-gallon drum deliveries are a crucial part of doing business. But what about... Read More +

Is Absorption Rate Really That Important?

January 23, 2020

Here’s Why It Should Be An Indicator, But Not The Indicator Over the past 20 years, the term absorption rate has risen in prominence throughout the automotive industry. With the changing landscape of dealerships – which have gone from primarily focusing on new and pre-owned car sales to now serving... Read More +

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¿Es la tasa de absorción realmente tan importante?

January 23, 2020
He Aquí por qué Debería ser un Indicador, Pero No El Indicador En los últimos 20 años, el término tasa… Read More +

How to Explain Synthetic vs. Conventional Oil to Your Customers So They Understand

September 18, 2019

Educating Customers About Oil Choices Can Build Trust and Loyalty According to a 2018 survey by a leading tire manufacturer, about 1 in 3 customers is not confident enough to select the right oil for their vehicle. A significantly lower percentage than that feel equipped to perform basic car maintenance,... Read More +

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Cómo Explicarle a sus Clientes la Diferencia Entre el Aceite Sintético y el Aceite Convencional

September 18, 2019
Según una encuesta de 2018 realizada por un fabricante líder de neumáticos, aproximadamente 1 de cada 3 clientes no están… Read More +
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