Hudson Adds to SCL Portfolio by Earning Coveted CLS Certification

Lubrication Engineer Credential Helps Customers Diagnose Problems, Find Solutions

With another certification under his belt, SCL Industrial Development Manager Troy Hudson is now a double threat when it comes to helping industrial partners not only assess the overall health of oil and the machines they run, but to also make recommendations, diagnose problems and help partners in a wide range of industries troubleshoot.

Hudson, who became one of just over 500 Certified Oil Monitoring Analyst Is (OMA-I) in the world in 2018, most recently also earned the coveted Certified Lubrication Specialist (CLS) Certification from the Society of Tribologists and Lubrication Engineers.

Now able to officially dub himself a “Lubrication Engineer,” the latest certification means Hudson is able to, among other things:

• evaluate and select lubricants to use;

• conduct lube surveys;

• develop quality assurance and used lubricant analysis programs;

• and troubleshoot and problem solve lubrication issues.

“From a professional standpoint, we’re extremely proud of Troy, especially when you take into account there are relatively few people in the country who hold both of these esteemed certifications,” said SCL General Manager Travis Becktel. “We’re also especially proud of what this means for SCL and our customers. We have a qualified, certified expert on staff who can truly take the guesswork out of the oil analysis process so that our customers have all the information they can possibly attain to keep their machines in all different industries running smoothly for longer.”

Helping Customers in New and Existing Markets

The OMA-I Certification, specifically designed for predictive maintenance professionals who oversee oil analysis programs, is critical when it comes to helping customers protect their machines against wear that can essentially derail an entire operation.

Being able to review oil analysis reports and perform the correct tests on machines that experience 70% of their wear from debris that’s only 5-15 microns in size, essentially invisible to the naked eye, has better positioned SCL to serve clients in industries including power generation, refineries and more.

The CLS Certification, combined with the core responsibilities of an OMA-I, naturally, takes that value a step further.

“This provides me with the insight I need to see what is actually happening with lubricants in a machine, and if there’s a problem, the information I need to determine if it’s an application issue or another issue,” Hudson said. “That means I can help everyone from our automotive customers who may be having issues with their hydraulic systems to plastic injection molding customers who may have issues with their cutting fluids. If there’s a problem, regardless of who that problem affects or what machine is experiencing that problem, I have a reference point to work from now.”

Adding to the Oil Analysis Piece

Prior to earning his CLS, Hudson worked with the Tribology lab to design and run the SCL oil analysis program. Now, depending on what the results of those reports state, he has the foreknowledge to offer recommendations to customers in any industry.

In addition to interpreting data, he can diagnose problems and make recommendations aimed at creating more favorable results.

To become a CLS, professionals must have at least three years in the field and score a 70 percent or higher on a designated exam that standardizes the body of knowledge for a CLS. The 150-question exam, which is heavy on engineering, merits about 6 months of study and one week of full-time, classroom-style training.

For more information on oil analysis and how utilizing Hudson’s knowledge base can benefit your business, email him at

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