SCL Evolves Services to Align with Social Distancing Guidelines

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New Procedures Focus on Safety, Ingenuity to Continue Delivering for Customers

As businesses nationwide begin to eye ways they can start ushering customers back into their doors, numerous questions still exist about how long social distancing guidelines will govern how companies conduct day-to-day operations.

Until those questions are answered, SCL has modified several of its services so that businesses from automotive to industrial manufacturing can still get the critical expertise they need without sacrificing a high level of safety.

“Our goal is always to put our customers first, to provide the products, services and the expertise they need to get and stay on track with their operations,” said SCL VP of Customer Solutions Dan Dziwanowski. “Right now, some of our customers have their doors closed, others have ramped up their production in new ways. We want to make sure that however their business has been affected by the coronavirus pandemic, we offer some tangible, safe ways to get them either back on track or moving forward strategically.”

In an effort to stay compliant with social distancing guidelines, SCL is now offering the following services to new and existing customers:

Contactless Oil Analysis

Oil analysis has long been a tool that SCL customers can utilize as part of a preventative maintenance program. Pulling samples from fleets or facilities can provide detailed insight into the performance of machines and whether they are working efficiently and effectively.

In SCL’s Interaction-Free Oil Analysis program, customers receive “Certified Clean” 4-ounce sample bottles and USPS First Class Prepaid Envelopes in the mail. They pull samples themselves, with guidance from an SCL expert if needed, and then send those samples off. Results, which include OMA1 certified diagnostics and expert analysis on all reports, are delivered via secure Web portal. SCL experts then meet with customers virtually to discuss the results and options they have moving forward.

“For many businesses, this may be a good time to do some housekeeping, which includes oil analysis,” Dziwanowski said. “Checking factors like your oil viscosity and your particulates can give you some insight into whether you can maybe alter the products you use or if you can go longer between service intervals. Those are cost-saving opportunities, which can help in slower times like these.”

Virtual Facility Surveys 

To comply with California’s continuing stay-at-home guidelines, SCL experts are also offering virtual plant and equipment surveys to replace in-person consultations. Using Facetime and Zoom, customers will “walk” through their facility with an SCL expert, just as they would in person.

“We don’t want to lose contact just because times are tough,” Dziwanowski said. “It’s fairly easy for us to continue helping our customers in this way, virtually going through their shops so we can see how they’re storing their inventory, maybe what inventory they have and some ways they can get it out the door, any issues involving safety and compliance, product offerings and any other concerns they may have.”

Virtual facility surveys incorporate assessments of:

• Product selection

•  Product integrity

•  Optimized lubrication intervals

•  Lubrication program management

•  Inventory management

Inventory Analysis via Video

Specific to inventory, SCL experts also offering remote inventory analysis to help businesses review the products they keep in stock, how those products are being sold and applied, and whether their program can save costs by making adjustments.

“We can also help people source additional products they may need specific to the time we’re in, including hand sanitizer, desk sanitizer, shop gloves, steering wheel covers, anything they may need to maintain the safety of their employees and their customers,” Dziwanowski said.

Source of Industry Insight

In addition to modifying services for customers, SCL experts continue to provide insight into industry happenings, keeping businesses in touch with how people in their space are responding.

“Right now, it’s all about helping our customers either get or stay moving, even if it’s just preparing for their doors to open for business again,” Dziwanowski said. “We want to make sure their machines are taken care of, their inventory is concise, their menu offerings are clearly visible for customers when they walk in the door. Those are all things our experts can help with, even if it’s in a new way for the time being.”


Contact an SCL Consultant today 

In a wide range of automotive, industrial and commercial sectors, SCL remains steadfast on its commitment to product and industry knowledge, performance satisfaction and superior logistics. We protect and optimize the machines that keep our country moving. For more information on how we help can help with services including bulk purchasing or managing inventory, contact an SCL expert today.


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