SCL Backup Generators Protect Fuel Station Functionality in High Winds, Extreme Weather

Investment Keeps SCL Reliable in Face of Vulnerable Power Grid + Potential Failures

Despite a returning threat of wildfires from high winds and low humidity throughout Southern California, SCL has ensured its customers will have continued access to fueling stations thanks to back-up generators that do not rely on the state’s power grid to function.

SCL began installing back-up generators in 2016 with a $100,000 investment in our Vista and San Marcos locations, providing two fully operational fueling options for key sites in San Diego County.

The move safeguards access to fuel for first responders, municipality employees, and thousands of other SCL customers at SCL cardlock stations despite unforeseen failures in the already vulnerable power grid. As an added safety measure, both locations also offer the option for drivers to pay via cardless swipe.

“Reliability and safety have always been two major concerns for us and that will not stop despite the challenges we’ve all been faced with this year,” said SCL General Manager Travis Becktel. “Regardless of what natural disasters we may be facing or what threats to the power grid are occurring, we have to make sure our customers have access to fuel when they need it. These back-up generators allow us to do that, and frankly, that helps all of us sleep better at night. If our first responders did not have access to fuel when they needed it, that would be disastrous and not something we ever want to see happen.”

Much like a hospital back-up generator system, SCL’s emergency generators have been stress tested to maximum capacity – meaning SCL cardlock fueling stations in Vista and San Marcos have the ability to remain fully functional with all pumps and critical components running simultaneously. The generators also include bypass connection cable networks that directly wire the units into the SCL grid.

The bypass cable also prevents interruptions in service in the event of power surges or any other inconsistencies with the grid. The ability to manually operate pumps also furthers the reliability, ensuring customers will continue to be cared for even when there is a critical service scenario.

“We are fully prepared for anything the weather or the power grid throws at us, but we still encourage our customers to be proactive when it comes to preparing for emergencies,” Becktel said. “Yes, they will be able to get fuel from us when they need it – always. But it’s also helpful, especially in times like these when we know high winds and dry conditions have put us at risk, to consider keeping fuel on hand. One silver lining to 2020 is that we all learned you can never be too prepared for an emergency.”


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