Automatic Fuel Tank Gauge Systems for Monitoring

Automatic Fuel Tank Gauge

Automatic Fuel Tank Gauge

Save Time and Money by Installing an ATG System

When it comes to managing and monitoring your onsite fuel tank levels and fuel usage, automatic fuel tank gauge systems, or ATG’s are an excellent investment. With all-in-one packages that include tank monitors, sensors, cables and a data portal with remotely accessible information, you’re good to go for maximizing tank-to-tank communication and inventory awareness. Automatic fuel tank gauge systems are electronic devices attached to either an above or below ground tank that allows you to monitor fuel levels. The system automatically sends you and your fuel provider email messages when tanks reach customizable fuel levels, alerting you to when your fuel volume has reached optimal levels or is approaching a critical low. This not only helps insure that you never run out of fuel but also allows you to take advantage of daily changes in the cost of fuel. ATG systems typically use cellular monitors requiring little or no maintenance, so imagine having access to fuel levels on your computer or mobile phone without manually dipping the tank or having to read a fuel gauge.

Around the Clock Inventory Status

ATG fuel systems give you a window into your tank 24/7, 365 days a year, putting important data right at your fingertips. Access reports quickly, which supports you in the monitoring of fuel levels and usage while alerts and notifications allow you to replenish inventory with ease. Automatic fuel tank gauge systems also allow you to reduce the cost of tank servicing, keeping you operational with less costly downtime and a rapid ROI. Eliminate the stress of running out of inventory and maximize your deliveries, no longer paying for small batch, one-off orders. Your fleet will save both time and money with the installation of an ATG for fuel by monitoring remotely your fuel usage and needs, allowing you to deliver more product with less frequency. You will receive email or mobile phone notifications when tank levels and batteries register as low and when it’s time for your tank to be filled.

How an Automatic Fuel Tank Gauge Functions

ATG’s function by utilizing a pressure monitoring sensor that measures the overall fluid levels within a tank. Probes are equipped with electrical resistors called thermistors that are used for measuring and controlling the tank’s internal temperature. ATG systems periodically (usually three times a day) test tank levels and transmit the data in both wired and wireless models to a central console. This data is then available on web-based portals providing information, details, and trends on individual tank levels, average daily usage, maximum daily usage, and the amount of fuel that could be added to your tanks at any given point.

The Benefits of Investing in an ATG

As ATG technology continues to evolve, SCL remains steadfast in ATG software solutions to help maximize Just-In-Time deliveries and inventory transparency with our customers. Having an ATG solution that focuses specifically on your fuel inventory requirements will provide you with the peace of mind you need to stay focused on your customers and operations. Whether your tanks are above ground or below, we can support you in customizing a tank monitoring solution to fit your fuel needs. With the analytics provided by our ATG systems you will have a clear picture of your current and future fuel needs to better forecast for future efficiency and profitability.

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