CFN Cardless Swipe Provides Layer of Safety for Drivers

Amidst COVID-19 Era Companies Seek Ways to Protect Employees

According to the CDC, “It may be possible that a person can get COVID-19 by touching a surface or object that has the virus on it and then touching their own mouth, nose, or possibly their eyes.” A new CardlessSwipe option has emerged as an alternative for cardlock fueling stations, adding a layer of protection for driver’s that are needing to fuel up regularly, who previously had no choice other than contacting with the keypad used by an untold number of prior customers before them.

The new technology, which uses a geolocating CardlessSwipe app, allows drivers to bypass swiping their physical card at the pump, saving time by eliminating the need to exit the vehicle and engage with a potentially unsanitary keypad. Additionally, concerns about stolen or lost cards, or getting locked out of the system due to worn cards are also no longer valid.

“This is all through an app, so drivers can pull up to a station that has the CardlessSwipe capability, open the app on their phone, and it automatically finds their station’s location,” said Keith Kerslake, SCL Fuels Specialist. “They enter their unique code into the app, their odometer reading and their pump, and it automatically activates. Compared to what a lot of what our customers have to do, it’s very sleek.”

Cardlock stations without the cardless capability require drivers to pull up at a pump, walk to a pedestal where their card is verified, return to the pump to fuel, and then return back to the pedestal to collect their receipt.

In addition to saving time and limiting health exposure, the other significant plus to CardlessSwipe is an added layer of security. Because CFN and cardlock cards do not carry the same level of security as personal credit cards, monitoring usage and determining abnormal activity is often the sole responsibility of fleet managers.

In many cases, especially where fleets are particularly large, breaches can sneak by even the most attentive managers.

“We’ve had some major hits in the past year due to fraudulent charges and instances where thieves have installed skimmers on pumps,” Kerslake said. “This effort is CFN working to install precautions to reduce those instances.”

Skimmer tampering, which has been reported at several Card Reader in Dispenser (CRIND) fuel pump systems recently, occurs at cardlock fueling systems in much the same manner as consumer-facing fuel stations.

Skimmers are installed when reader doors are unlawfully opened and fraudulent readers are attached to legitimate payment terminals. If successful, they allow credit card data to be stolen after every single swipe at the terminal. At that point, it’s easy for thieves to clone cards, compromise bank accounts, and put financial security for companies of any size in jeopardy.

Participation in the CardlessSwipe option is up to independent CFN owners, Kerslake said. Currently, the option is available at SCL locations in San Marcos and Vista, Calif., with many others nationwide also making the option available.

CFN owners are responsible for a nominal annual fee if they opt for CardlessSwipe. All other conveniences of cardlock fueling, including consolidated billing and competitive pricing, are not affected by the new technology.

To find out if your CFN station carries the CardlessSwipe option, contact your CFN owner directly.


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