Global Energy Crisis

We created a resource to help Businesses navigate skyrocketing DEF, Fuel, Lubricant and other costs as a result of the conflict in Ukraine that has rattled markets.


Wherever metal touches metal we have solutions to help your business run smoother.

Since 1998, SCL has provided top-of-the-line products aimed at protecting and optimizing the machines you depend on. We pride ourselves in providing and delivering quality solutions to help your business and equipment run smoother.

An Essential Provider for Businesses

While fuel prices hit decade lows, our fleet is fully active delivering bulk fuel for onsite containment, equipment refueling, generators and more.

Find and compare over 4,500 products for every industry—lubricants, oils, greases, chemicals, coolants and more.

Get the best pricing and priority access, including access to the SCL Customer Portal for managing your account, by opening an SCL Customer account. It only takes a few minutes.

Industry Pulses: Dealing with Covid-19 Disruption


SCL Automotive Specialist Don Parker shares the good, the bad and the opportunities from his conversations with automotive dealerships and service centers throughout California.


Amos Molina, SCL Transportation Specialist, provides his perspective on what others are saying about the current state of the trucking and logistics industry.


SCL’s Keith Kerslake is in contact with construction firms across Southern California and has some guidance and understanding about the current and future state of the industry.


Mike Schulze, SCL Industrial Lubricants Consultant, shares the concerns and opportunities customers are experiencing.


SCL Municipal Contract Specialist, Melissa Carson, works every day with first responders, public transit authorities, and other critical functions and has a hands-on view of the situation

Practical Steps

It is incumbent on business leaders to stay calm and position their business for maximum performance in the next rising trend.

Proud Partner

“Preventive maintenance is very important for uptime. We have to use the right product and have the right intervals. If we can prevent a truck from going down, we will. The SCL Team is very knowledgable about a wide array or products, and it has been a great partnership for nearly 10 years.”

—Greg Evans, Maintenance Manager, Ecology Recycling and Transportation


Over 4,500 Products from Numerous Leading Brands


Environmental Initiatives

SCL goes beyond federal compliance to help reduce environmental impact.

In addition to holding safety and compliance in high regard, SCL also employs environmentally friendly practices in all of our locations. Our goal is to eliminate paper waste, offer low-impact products for our customers, and make the environment a priority in all that we do.

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