Verizon Connect Reveal Helps SCL Fleet Customers Pinpoint Inefficiencies

Network Provides Opportunity to Analyze Routes, Driver Behavior + Track Vehicles in Real Time

SCL fleet customers who want to link fuel cards to the Verizon Connect Reveal network for help uncovering any possible fuel, route and scheduling inefficiencies now have that capability.

SCL has worked to link fuel cards to the mobile resource mobile software program, which Allegiant Electric recently credited for a 581% increase in revenue. Integrating fuel cards furthers the network’s capability to track vehicles in real time and offer data on per vehicle fuel consumption, driver behavior and individual vehicle diagnostics.

“This is something a few of our fleet customers have asked about, so we were happy to work with Verizon Connect to bring it online,” said SCL General Manager Travis Becktel. “Now our customers who add this service to their business on their own have the option to link our fuel cards to that database. That will, in turn, provide them with a more accurate picture of how their fleet is running, where any given vehicle is at all times, and ways they can improve upon route operations.”

According to Allegiant Electric, a Southern Nevada-based company that provides full-service electric contracting and solar installation, live map and scheduling functions that locate vehicles in the field allowed it to more efficiently schedule jobs according to the location of workers.

Verizon Revel reports “compile information from your fuel card transactions along with vehicle activity, showing ways to save and set benchmarks, reduce overall fuel consumption and identify fuel theft.”

“We are always looking at ways we can better serve our fleets – from offering fleet evaluations to making new products available that can help simplify operations,” Becktel said. “We know all of our customers are taking a hard look at their operations to identify inefficiencies and tighten budgets, and we want to help them through that process.”


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