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SCL Partners with BIZOL to Offer Start-Stop Engine Solutions

Enhanced Protection Ideal for Urban Traffic, Hybrid Vehicles and Fleets

Due to successes in reducing idle time, improving fuel economy and lowering emissions, start-stop engines and hybrid vehicles have continued to increase in popularity among consumers and auto manufacturers at nearly every price point. Despite continuing to gain traction, however, the technology has its drawbacks.

Exponentially increasing the number of times engines ignite can lead to increased wear among vital engine components, thus offsetting any savings in fuel economy or improvements to environmental impact. This includes not only when engines go from stop to start at traffic lights, but also when hybrid motors switch to electric mode.

In an effort to offer solutions for all affected vehicles, SCL has partnered with the Germany-based oil company, BIZOL, to offer a line of products created especially for hybrid vehicles, automatic start-stop systems and urban traffic scenarios with increased stop-and-go traffic and idle times.

Now available at Walmart.com, BIZOL Green Oil+ is specifically formulated to enhance protection for increased engine life, improving fuel economy, and optimizing intervals between required maintenance.

Consequences of Increased Starts

According to AutoCar, a vehicle without automatic stop-start can be expected to experience up to 50,000 stop-start events during its lifetime. For hybrids or vehicles with automatic start-stop technology that figure rises dramatically to as many as 500,000 stop-start cycles over the engine’s life.

“Anytime you have an increase in stops and starts, your engine is experiencing a higher rate of wear,” said Adam Mills, SCL Customer Solutions expert. “When you turn your vehicle on in the morning, it takes 25-75 rotations before the motor oil is distributed into the necessary spaces in your engine for protection and lubrication. When your vehicle turns off, the oil drains back down. During that time without oil in all necessary parts of the engine, the metal wear is increased substantially.”

BIZOL’s Green Oil+  with Ox-Shield and 2D Surface Gel Technology keeps the oil film in the engine for a much longer period of time, allowing it to provide protection every time the engine re-ignites, he said.

A Solution to Beneficial Technology

BIZOL, the premier manufacturer of Green Oil+ motor oil for start-stop vehicles ensures a constant thickness of lubricating and greater protection for the engine. In addition to extending the life of vehicles, the product provides exceptional flow-ability to improve fuel economy as well as high-end friction modifiers for reduced engine noise.

“Simply put, if you have improved lubrication occurring between the components of your engine, this reduces friction of the moving parts in your engine and it will not have to work as hard to move your vehicle,” Mills said. “That can equate to greater fuel efficiency as well as less wear on your engine.”

BIZOL Green Oil+, the only product of its kind, incorporates an original combination of PAO, esther and a proprietary additive package.

“The great thing about BIZOL products is that they are not exclusive to vehicles with start-stop engine technology,” Mills said. “They can be used in fleets that are often subject to urban traffic, hybrid vehicles that go back and forth between battery power and a combustion engine, and higher end premium vehicles like Mercedes Benz, Audi, BMW and Porsche. Our goal by partnering with BIZOL is to provide cost-saving solutions to our customers in all possible sectors.”

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