SCL Continues to Respond to On-Site Fueling Needs for Refrigerated Trucks

Decreased Restaurant Demand Leads to Reliance on Reefers as Outside Storage

Amid national efforts to stop the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19), restaurants nationwide have closed their doors to customers following state mandates urging residents to stay at home.

Those restrictions have resulted in quite a conundrum for grocery distribution centers, which have ramped up orders to account for a rush on grocery stores. As supply chains struggle to keep up with demand, however, those same distribution centers have begun using refrigerated trucks for storage outside their facilities.

“Although this is certainly a unique time, using refrigerated trucks for storage is not a unique situation,” said SCL Fuels Specialist Keith Kerslake. “Many grocery distributors around the holidays will order extra food to account for spikes in demand, and florists will occasionally use them around Valentine’s Day to store extra product outside their facilities. Where we come in is we have the expertise and the capability to fuel those trucks and keep them running while they’re being used for storage.”

Reefers – as they are commonly called – can typically run for 4-5 days on a 50-gallon tank, if being driven under normal circumstances. When used as outside storage, a full tank can power a reefer for even longer, depending on its capacity and upkeep.

According to Kerslake, it’s recommended that reefers be filled before fuel levels go below ¼ tank.

SCL has offered on-site fueling for customers requiring either bobtail or wet-hosing services in San Diego, Los Angeles, Orange and Riverside counties, Lancaster and the high desert, and the Bay Area for several years. For more information on on-site reefer fueling, contact Kerslake at


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