Petroleum Equipment – How We’ve Got You Covered

Petroleum Equipment

Petroleum Equipment

An overview of how we can accommodate your petroleum equipment needs

In a wide range of industrial sectors, if there’s metal touching metal, oil is involved. At SCL, we’re here to protect and optimize the machines that keep our country moving and we pride ourselves on providing superior logistics and solutions, extensive product and industry knowledge and total performance satisfaction for our customers. In this article we’ve highlighted the many ways that we at SCL can accommodate your petroleum equipment needs, from lubrication, fuel, DEF and grease.

At SCL, we are committed to supporting our customers in remaining compliant with local, county and state regulations while also offering consultation around how to best scale up your business for all of your fluid and petroleum industry needs. Below is a list of the ways in which we can effectively accommodate your business or fleet in regards to petroleum equipment:

Electronic Tank Monitoring and Gauging Systems

Automatic tank monitoring or tank monitoring gauges (ATGs) are great ways you can beef up your fleet’s maintenance program. Electronic tank monitoring places an electronic component within an above or below ground tank to monitor fuel or lubricant volume over time. This allows you to assess whether your tank is leaking fluid or if inventory is being removed as a result of theft. Automatic tank monitoring also allows for the gauging of fluid levels, a fleet’s usage based on volume and the temperature within a tank. ATG’s can also alert operators with warnings when tank volumes are reaching critical highs or lows. They allow for the measurements of any gaps that may exist within the connection points between tanks, pipes and hose lines, and they are instrumental in monitoring system pressurization. Electronic tank monitors are sophisticated systems that can be wired or remotely accessed via a wireless modem. They allow fleet managers to rest easy knowing that their fluid volume needs are consistently covered, satisfying the demands of their operations.  

Volume Options

Whether your fleet requires fluid volumes in small or large quantities, and simple to complex storage systems, we have containment options to suit your needs. For a spectrum of lubricant products, greases, DEF, etc, choose from a containment option of 5-gallon pails, 6-gallon Chevron PitPacks or the Pennzoil ECOBOX, 15-gallon quarter barrels, 55-gallon drums or tanks in volumes of 75-gallons, 120, 240, 380, 480 and up, whatever your fluid needs, we’ve got you covered.

Pumping Options

Whether you are a small to medium-sized shop or a large-scale operation, we can accommodate your pumping needs. From smaller hand pumps all the way up to larger pneumatic pumps with overhead reels and lines, we have a solution to match your specific application. Accounting for pressure and distance, you need a powerful pumping system that can efficiently meet your end points or a mobile pumping unit to expedite your processes without having cumbersome equipment slowing you down and creating safety hazards. Pumping solutions can be as simple as a home improvement upgrade to a total shop overhaul with sophisticated and complex pumps and overhead lines that accommodate multiple bays.

Scalable Solutions

At SCL we believe in a “Crawl-Walk-Run” scalable solutions philosophy that allows our customers the ability to scale up appropriately and effectively with their fluid needs. A new shop will be looking at some sizeable startup expenses, so we pride ourselves on supporting our customers with the creation of an effective plan that will allow them to start small and build from there. For example, starting with quarter-sized or 55-gallon drums and a hand pump and then eventually scaling up to larger aboveground stackable tanks or underground double-walled tank units.

Government Compliance

Regardless of the size of your fleet or operation, compliance with EPA and government regulations is likely one of your top priorities. Whether you’re dealing with local city, county, state or federal regulations, remaining ahead of the curve on single or double-walled containment and how you’re storing your products will allow you to avoid hefty fines and additional permits, and our experts at SCL are here to make sure your fleet is tracking with required regulations when inspectors show up for assessments.

Customized Mobile Fueling Trailers

As part of our mobile fueling solutions at SCL, we bring the fuel directly to your jobsite, terminal or fleet location with our customizable mobile fueling trailers and deliveries that can be conveniently scheduled around the clock, 365 days a year. Whether you require fuel for a fleet of vehicles, trucks, heavy equipment, on-site tanks, tank trailers or generators, mobile fueling gives you the flexibility to focus on the job at hand while knowing that your fuel needs are covered.

DEF Solutions

Diesel Exhaust Fluid or DEF is a non-hazardous solution comprised of 32.5% urea and 67.5% de-ionized water that is sprayed into the exhaust stream of diesel vehicles to break down the NOx emissions emitted into the atmosphere. The exhaust is them broken down into the simple and harmless components of nitrogen and water. At SCL we carry a spectrum of DEF storage options in various sizes and containment options as well as simple hand pumps to more complex pumping solutions. Whatever your fleet size, we will support you in accommodating your DEF needs.

Contact an SCL Consultant Today

SCL provides a wide spectrum of petroleum equipment for your industry product needs and we are committed to bringing you our expertise when it comes to efficiently scaling your operations, maintaining compliance with government regulations and creating optimal systems that will keep your fleet on the move. For more information on how we can support you with your petroleum equipment needs, contact an SCL consultant today.

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