Online SCL Fuel Savings Calculator Gets Facelift to Incorporate 10W-30 Viscosities

Updated Website Tool Showcases Potential Savings Over 15W-40 Options for 10W-30

An update to the SCL online fuel calculator allows fleet customers to get a broader and more accurate picture of the potential savings that could come with a switch to 10W-30 over 15W-40, as well as different outcomes for three 10W-30 viscosities.

By taking into account factors like the number of trucks in a fleet, the average annual miles per truck driven and the average miles per gallon per truck, it can remove the guesswork out of up-front costs and potential savings resulting from better fuel economy.

According to information from manufacturers, 10W-30 viscosities offer anywhere from 1% to 2.5% improvements in fuel economy over traditional 15W-40.

“When Chevron released its Delo 600 ADF product, we knew we wanted to update our Fuel Savings Calculator so that it took those products into account for a comparison in savings,” said SCL VP of Customer Solutions Dan Dziwanowski. “We want our customers to see how their up-front cost may change when they implement different products, and how that can impact fuel economy and fuel retention over time.”

According to Dziwanowski, many customers are hesitant to accept data on fuel retention and economy or they may consciously overlook those smaller percentages, but both approaches are a mistake.

“When people think of those percentages – 1% in fuel savings – they aren’t impressed by that number, but when you have 50 trucks that adds up quick,” Dziwanowski said. “You have to look at the performance of the product. All major oil companies, if they track fuel economy, they stand behind those numbers. There are bench data testing to back up their claims, so it’s something our customers should definitely take into consideration.”

Example Scenario:

• $3 price per gallon of diesel

• 50 trucks in fleet

• Average annual miles per truck of 75,000

• Average MPG per truck of 5.6

According to the Fuel Savings Calculator, customers who input the scenario above can save approximately $20,089 per year and about $0.005 per mile by switching from 15W-40 to a 10W-30 CK-4 Synthetic Blend. With a 10W-30 FA-4 Synthetic blend, that savings per year jumps to over $30,133 and the savings per mile increases to $0.008. Switching to Chevron Delo 600 ADF results in over $60,267 in savings annually and about $0.016 per mile.

“We’ve said it over and over, no two fleets are the same. This allows owners to get an accurate picture of what works best for their fleet, their vehicles, their budget, and their savings goals,” Dziwanowski said. “With fuel costs going up, this is a perfect time to do an ROI yourself. Just compare where you’re at – see where you would be and what your savings would be if you switched. This is an opportunity to do a cost comparison and find out if you’re being effective.”

It’s also an opportunity for fleet owners to analyze whether their vehicles could (and should) move to a lower viscosity product. Typically, vehicle models 2012 or newer can switch to 10W-30. Older vehicles may also sometimes qualify, Dziwanowski said, depending on guidance from OEMs.

Before making any switch, customers should contact an SCL Fleet Management Specialist to provide a comprehensive analysis and an appropriate recommendation best suited for their fleet.


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