Industrial Fabrication – How to Protect Your Equipment

Industrial Fabrication

Industrial Fabrication

Maximum Equipment Protection with Reliable, Repeatable Results

The industrial fabrication of items is essential to the world we live in, whether referring to the smallest and most finely honed surgical implement to the mass production of automobiles. Industrial fabrication refers to the manipulation of metal structures by force of cutting, bending, stamping, pressing as well as other techniques. Using such raw materials as aluminum, various alloys, carbon steel, stainless steel and a range of abrasion resistant materials, industrial fabrication can involve the creation of minute components all the way up to full machine and parts assembly. With the type of investment that industrial machining customers make on their equipment, it is crucial to utilize products that not only keep equipment operating at maximum efficiency, but also to prevent wear and corrosion. At SCL, we provide high quality industrial fabrication lubricants and cleaning products to a wide spectrum of companies and industries that employ rollers, lathes, slides, ways, CNC machines, presses, mills and stamps in their manufacturing process. Below we outline some of the industrial manufacturing products that we carry at SCL and the ways in which they are used.

Chemical Cleaners

With industrial fabrication, cleaning surfaces to remove debris or residue is highly important, which is why we carry a spectrum of cleaning products that range from solvents, alcohols, low VOC products and food grade glycols. Solvents are used to not only dissolve or dilute other substances but also as chemical intermediates, fuels or even components in a wide range of products. Acetone, a chemical solvent, is often used as a heavy-duty degreaser to prepare and removes debris from the surfaces of sheet metal prior to painting. This gives the paint something to grab onto by scoring the surface and is then followed up by a cleaner to remove dust and debris prior to painting.

Hydraulic Oils

At SCL we offer hydraulic solutions for everything from rotary vanes to peristaltic pumping systems. Our experts understand how to best apply products to fit your specific application and will support you in choosing the right product from our expansive portfolio of solutions for thermal and oxidative stability and corrosion control. Way oil is one commonly used hydraulic oil for industrial fabrication. It contains a tackifier – an additive that allows the oil to stick and adhere to surfaces that slide over one another, or for vertical surfaces where oil would otherwise run down the side. Way oil is commonly used in presses to prevent metal from grinding against metal. Way oil creates a thin barrier of tenacious film that resists being wiped away by slowly moving parallel surfaces or by debris. It prevents the metals from adhering to one another as well as preventing the accumulation of bio matter that can grow in shops and within machinery, promoting rust and oxidization that can fuse or grate metal surfaces together.


If you are cutting something with a laser, a drill bit or a saw, coolants are essential because of the intense heat produced from the friction of cutting metal. Controlling heat is a top priority when maintaining and optimizing expensive manufacturing equipment. A wide spectrum of formulations exists to control for corrosion and thermoregulation and one of our experts will be happy to assist you in choosing the optimal product to meet your specific needs. You want your equipment to run for extended periods of time without question, producing reliable results and quality products again and again. That is why choosing a premium coolant to meet your specific equipment optimization needs is so important.

The Bottom Line of Industrial Fabrication

At SCL, we offer quality products that protect your investments in manufacturing equipment and lead to precise, repeatable results every time, because when it comes to industrial machining, time always equals money. Machines often need to operate 24/7, which over time can wear down equipment and business owners need to be able to count on their equipment to produce a high level of consistency and quality again and again, all while maintaining equipment temperature and keeping friction to a minimum. Whether your business manufactures a highly specialized medical instrument, a trigger component for the defense industry or a critical, Boeing-approved aviation part, we understand your need for equipment protection and product integrity, which is why we carry a full range of quality industrial fabrication products.

Contact an SCL Consultant Today

In a wide range of industrial sectors, SCL is committed to being the number one logistics and solutions provider for the products that protect and optimize the machines that keep our country moving. We pride ourselves on remaining at the forefront of industry trends and technological innovations, and as the market continues to evolve, we are committed to providing extensive product and industry knowledge and total performance satisfaction for our customers. For information on how we can assist your fleet in choosing the optimal products at a competitive price, contact an SCL consultant today.

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