Fleet Evaluations

Fleet Evaluations At SCL, our extensive experience with fleets and the trucking industry ideally positions us to highlight how you can make operations more efficient by implementing cost savings strategies. 1 Our Approach to Fleet Evaluations We analyze fleets for opportunities to improve efficiency, maintain peak performance, and ultimately, save... Read More +

Preventative Maintenance Programs

Preventative Maintenance ProgramsOur experts work with you on creating a preventative maintenance plan so that you can get the most out of each service and extend the life of your machines without sacrificing performance.  1 Our Approach to Preventative Maintenance Programs Save time and money by taking the guesswork out of... Read More +

Product Application Training

Product Application Training We go beyond providing the correct products for your facility. We work with your staff to ensure they know how to utilize at your facility. Education is a core value for us—at our business and yours. 1 Our Approach to Product Application Training Our goal is to... Read More +

Lending & Funding

Lending and Funding SCL offers lending and funding programs for companies that need cash for improvements or new equipment but don’t want to extend their credit lines. 1 Our Approach to Lending and Funding When our customers need cash up front, we have solutions to help them make the improvements... Read More +

Plant & Equipment Surveys

Plant and Equipment SurveysSCL experts who conduct plant and equipment surveys look at everything from product storage to current equipment applications, providing a third-party perspective aimed at improving your bottom line. 1 Our Approach to Plant and Equipment Surveys Ensuring you’re in compliance, using the right products for the right... Read More +

Cardlock Fueling

Cardlock FuelingSCL Cardlock programs include consolidated billing, competitive pricing and, most importantly, the security you need to manage your fleet effectively. 1 Our Approach to Cardlock Fueling Create a program that allows all of your drivers to fuel up at dedicated stations for consolidated billing and a level of security... Read More +

Loaned Equipment Programs

Loaned Equipment ProgramsSCL is a full-service equipment solutions company. We understand no two clients are alike, which is why we customize your equipment program to match your organization's needs. 1 Our Approach to Loaned Equipment Programs Our loaned equipment programs allow you to scale your equipment needs, whether you are... Read More +

On-site Fueling

On-Site Fueling SCL operates a fleet of trucks for any on-site fueling needs requiring bobtail or wet-hose delivery services. 1 Our Approach to On-Site Fueling SCL understands that time is money, which is why we deliver convenient fueling solutions to both construction sites and remote fleets. Features There are a... Read More +

Oil Filtration

Oil FiltrationSCL offers oil filtration services for customers who need to filter out contaminants such as metal particles or dirt that are known to cause engine damage or costly downtime. 1 About Oil Filtration For many customers oil filtration is a way to cut down on waste and reduce production... Read More +

Custom Blending

Custom Blending For customers with unique requirements, SCL can custom blend products to achieve desired viscosity, color and odor. SCHEDULE A FREE CONSULTATION 1 Our Approach to Custom Blending Allowing our experts to formulate your products exactly how you need them can help you deliver optimal results. Features For a... Read More +

Oil Analysis

Oil AnalysisOil analysis is used to determine how specific products, most often in the trucking and industrial manufacturing industries, are performing after a period of use and how maintenance schedules should be adjusted once results are evaluated. 1 Our Approach to Oil Analysis We provide comprehensive fluid testing to ensure... Read More +


LogisticsSCL is a full-service solutions provider that has an innate ability to recommend the right products for the right application. Our goal is always to keep your business operating at its peak performance. 1 Our Approach to Logistics At SCL, our top priority is finding the right products for the... Read More +

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