Why SCL’s Portfolio of Nearly 100 Greases Should Have You Re-Evaluating Product

Options from Shell, Chevron, Mobil and More Offer Diverse Options for Diverse Applications

When it comes to greases, the same OEM guidance and specifications offered for lubricants often does not exist. And as a result, managers and owners are often left to make the choice themselves, sifting through hundreds of options to get there.

As choosing the appropriate grease for your equipment depends 100% on the specific application, it can be challenging to balance your product needs with budget and product performance.

That’s where SCL comes in.

“We have nearly 100 industrial grease products for our customers from diverse industry sectors to consider, and our goal is always to help them narrow down their choice to the brand, the product, the price point, and the application specifications that fit best for them,” said SCL General Manager Travis Becktel. “Choosing greases should be a formula – not a guessing game.”

Of the nearly 100 industrial grease products available through SCL, options from top brands including Shell Gadus, Chevron, Mobil SHC, Phillips 66, Kendall, and Fuchs Cassida offer solutions for automotive, aviation, construction, industrial manufacturing, marine and more.

Before any recommendation can be made, the first step is understanding the specific use, wear and conditions. Modern steel bearing for both automotive and industrial use, for example, generally require a National Lubrication Grease Institute (NLGI) No. 2 lithium grease, according to OEM specifications.

Most greases are formulated using API Group I and II mineral oil base stocks, which are appropriate for most applications. However, there are some applications with high or low operating temperatures, a wide ambient temperature range, or those where extended relubrication intervals are required.

“In addition to general guidance from OEMs, our experts weigh specifics of application like operating temperature range, concentration, thickener type, consistency, dropping point, and wear resistance,” Becktel said. “Taking all of that into account will undoubtedly extend the life of your equipment and, ultimately, that helps your bottom line.


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