Understanding California’s Title 22 for Waste Oil Management

Title 22

Title 22

Keep Your Facility Compliant

What is Title 22

Title 22, part 66265.192 and 66265.193 are 2 parts of an official code of regulation within the state of California that outlines specific parameters for properly labeling, storing and removing used oil and oil filters. It is an assessment of existing tanks containing waste oils, referred to as hazardous waste materials. Under Title 22 Assessment Part 66265.192, the age, design, compatibility, condition, associated equipment and piping of a tank is considered and documented, as well as overfill controls, tank volume and overall design standards to which the tank set up was developed. Tanks containing waste oil along with other materials defined as hazardous waste are subject to a Title 22 review and assessment every five years and may require x-raying of tanks to ensure that there is no leakage or fatigue. Assessments are conducted by registered professional engineers and happen in tandem with seismic assessments performed by civil or structural engineers. Title 22 Assessment Part 66265.193 is an assessment that pertains to the secondary containment of tanks reviewed in Part 66265.192.

Title 22 Parts 66265.192 and 66265.193

The second part of Title 22 looks closely at secondary containment, the size, condition and layout of the secondary vessel in relation to the primary tank. Secondary containment must be large enough to adequately hold the tank contents in the case of an extended rain event that may cause overflow of hazardous materials. This portion of the Title 22 assessment must determine that the secondary containment vessel is 100% dry. As with Part 66265.192 assessments, secondary containment units must be reviewed every five years by a registered professional engineer. If the secondary containment vessels do not contain actively used tanks, they are still subject to review every five years.

Defining Used Oil

According to the Health and Safety Code § 25250.1, the used oil management legal definition states that used oil is, “Any oil that has been refined from crude oil, or any synthetic oil, that has been used, and, as a result of use or as a consequence of extended storage, or spillage, has been contaminated with physical or chemical impurities.” Used oil may be derived from, but is not limited to the following list of oil products:

  • Motor oil
  • Industrial oil
  • Vehicle crankcase oil
  • Hydraulic oil
  • Engine lubricating oil
  • Compressor oil
  • Transmission fluids
  • Turbine oil
  • Gearbox oil
  • Differential oil
  • Bearing oil
  • Gear oil
  • Electrical transformer oil
  • Refrigeration oil
  • Metalworking oil
  • Railroad oil

Additional Governing Agencies and Regulations

When it comes to used oil regulation and hazardous waste tank management, you will not only need to know about and be compliant with Title 22, but the Certified Unified Program Agency (CUPA), the California (CalEPA) and Federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Spill Prevention, Control and Counter Measure (SPCC) plans, Hazardous Materials Business Plan (HMBP), the California Environmental Reporting System (CERS) and California Accidental Release Prevention (CalARP). All of the above contribute to the regulation of hazardous materials and waste oil within the state of California specifically, and in general, your local fire department and fire marshal will be able to provide you with necessary timelines and forms to remain compliant.

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