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Double Dip Price Increase on Finished Lubricants

April 29, 2019

Rising Costs of Raw Materials Spur Second Price Increase Last week we published a notification alerting our customers to a pending 6% increase in price based on the rising cost of raw materials. Over the past week, however, most major oil suppliers announced an unexpected additional price increase from 6%... Read More +

Finished Lubricant Price Increase is on the Horizon

April 10, 2019

Price Increase Scheduled for Finished Lubricants – May 6, 2019 With increases in the cost of raw materials, rising freight costs and overall market fluctuations that affect manufactures, and the processing and delivery of finished products, a 6% finished lubricants price increase will go into effect on May 6th. In... Read More +

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Aumento del Precio del Lubricante Terminado está en el Horizonte

April 10, 2019
Aumento del Precio del Lubricante Terminado Aumento de precios para lubricantes terminados programado – 6 de mayo de 2019 Con… Read More +

Shell and ExxonMobil Come to Blows Over Sub-Standard Oil

June 19, 2018

Mobil-branded Delvac 1300 Super 15W-40 Under Fire Historically, major players in the Big Oil arena have refrained from taking shots at one another, maintaining a relatively cordial level of competition. But recently two industry giants took aim at one another – Shell and ExxonMobil – over heavy duty diesel engine... Read More +

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