SCL Overstock Offers Opportunity to Save Money, Try New Products

Discounts on Overstock Items Can Be Up to 20%

Of the many paths to profitability for businesses, one principle that has always remained true, regardless of business size or industry sector, is to take advantage of every opportunity. Exploring SCL overstock inventory can be one of those opportunities.

With lubricant products facing an upward trend in pricing across the board due to macroeconomic, geopolitical and domestic forces beyond the control of SCL, overstock offers a way to provide reduced pricing for customers and a chance to try diverse products at lower prices. 

“If pricing wasn’t so dependent on external forces, we could offer our customers many more direct paths to reducing their costs, but the reality is, we have very little control over all the factors that impact pricing,” said SCL General Manager Travis Becktel. “There are several different ways that we can help customers cut costs – including oil analysis, preventive maintenance, and bulk pricing – and overstock inventory is another one of those tools. It’s another option for our customers looking for more cost-efficient products and, in some cases, it’s a way for them to try different products for their machines that they may not have been able to budget for otherwise.” 

What is Overstock Inventory?

Overstock inventory includes products that SCL is interested in moving out of warehouses for various reasons. In some cases, they were included as part of an acquisition or in others, they were once included in an order that was never completed. In those cases, specifically, the supplier may have shipped more than expected and shelf life is a factor. In other words, SCL needs those products off the shelves. 

What Type of Products are Listed as Overstock?

In late September, SCL listed 21 products as part of our overstock inventory, all available for discounted pricing. Given that many products can have a shelf life of up to four years, businesses can, in theory, purchase those products now and store them onsite for use later. Among the various lubricants, greases and other products that can be found as of late September and into October 2021 are:

A Time-Sensitive Path to Savings

Overstock inventory is typically priced 15% to 20% below normal wholesale price, with substantial savings applicable with bulk ordering (think pails and drums).

It’s important to keep in mind, however, that those savings may turn over relatively quickly. Because overstock inventory is difficult to predict, it’s critical to check the site regularly; once products are sold, they are gone for good.

“While not every product for every specification can be found in our overstock inventory, it is very worth keeping an eye on,” said SCL Vice President of Customer Solutions Dan Dziwanowski. “These are quality products, free from defect; they are simply products that we are interested in moving for one reason or another and willing to offer at discounted pricing. Customers can potentially save  hundreds or even thousands of dollars in only a few minutes of browsing, which can make it feel less like a hunt and more like a shrewd business practice.” 


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