Oil Analysis Shipping and Tracking Just Got Easier

Oil Analysis Shipping

Oil Analysis Shipping

Hassle-Free Oil Analysis Shipping and Rapid Results

When mailing something at the post office, you have most likely heard the words, “Does this parcel contain anything fragile, liquid, perishable, or potentially hazardous?” Depending on the situation, oil analysis shipping may fall into all four of those categories – most notably the “hazardous materials” category – causing you an unwanted hassle when trying to ship. That’s why we developed our own in-house SCL branded Oil Analysis Program that allows for easy sample collection, packaging, shipping, and tracking. We know that you’re busy, managing all of the moving parts of a fleet or organization, dealing with the day-to-day tasks that keep your business in motion. If you have chosen to incorporate oil analysis into your regular preventative maintenance schedule, you shouldn’t have to be slowed down by the process of collecting and shipping oil samples. The primary reason behind ongoing oil analysis is for it to be an asset to your fleet, allowing you to monitor the health and integrity over time to achieve optimal performance with ease and familiarity. With the SCL Oil Analysis Program, we support you in doing just that.

Taking Oil Samples

We are often asked by our customers, “How do I mail an oil analysis sample without getting flack from the USPS office, UPS or FedEx?” With our oil analysis shipping we support you in sending off samples with as little hassle as possible. Before taking and sending samples, work with an SCL consultant to get clear on what test frequency will be most beneficial for you to schedule sample intervals accordingly. This will give you a benchmark analysis and then ongoing clarity as to what is going on inside of your engine in terms of potential wear and product compatibility. Whether you are using the sample pump method, sample drain method or the sample in-line method, our best practice recommendation is to take oil samples in as easily replicable a manner as possible, mimicking to the best of your ability the natural working condition of your oil and equipment.

The Importance of Following a Replicable Process

Following a replicable sample protocol allows for data consistency and minimizes fluctuations. Whenever you are taking a sample be sure to avoid doing so directly following an oil change, adding oil or after changing your filter. These actions stir up contaminants and can dilute them, which may give you an incorrect reading on potential wear. Take samples from the same location within the system every time and during normal conditions. Samples should be taken on the downstream side of any cylinders, pumps, bearing, etc. and on the upstream side of any filters. Never take an oil sample from cold equipment, and instead, make sure that your oil has been thoroughly heated and mixed before drawing a sample. If possible, take samples from machinery that is running and in operation, making sure that you remain safe while doing so. Other things to consider when taking a quality oil sample:

  • Sample bottles must be new, 100% clean and may not have any moisture present.
  • Never obtain samples from the bottom of a tank where contaminants have developed into sludge. Ideally, you want to draw samples from the middle of a tank or reservoir.
  • Obtain samples during normal, active use to ensure the full dispersal of fluids through the machinery. Otherwise, draw samples no later than 30 minutes after the engine has shut down.

Sample Forms and Proper Packaging

Included in your oil analysis kit is a sample and shipping form, seen below. Make sure that this form is thoroughly filled out with all required information before placing samples in your pre-addressed, pre-paid postage container or box as quickly as possible to ensure a rapid turnaround on results from the lab. Be sure to seal sample bottles completely prior to shipment in an effort to avoid leakage, spillage or sample contamination. The lab that we contract with requires all form areas to be filled out as accurately as possible to ensure a rapid turnaround on sample results. Proper analysis is hindered if the sample form is not filled out correctly, so be sure to take the time to do it right the first time. Samples should be mailed to the laboratory on the same day of having been drawn to ensure optimal accuracy. As the shipper, it is your responsibility to properly draw samples, label them, complete your sample form, package safely and send off with the appropriate address and pre-paid shipping labels. With our easy to use system, we have taken out the guesswork around the shipping process. Just draw your samples, drop them in the mail and go.

The Bottom Line

Following the suggestions above for proper oil analysis shipping and sampling you will receive the best possible snapshot of the conditions within your lubricated system. This data will allow you to stay ahead of wear that can lead to catastrophic engine failure and will decrease your maintenance expenses and costly downtime. By monitoring equipment fluids regularly as part of your preventative maintenance program, you can also extend drain intervals and ultimately increase the resale value of your equipment, keeping your engines running at optimal performance for a longer duration of time. With SCL Oil Analysis shipping, preventative maintenance has never been easier.

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