Finished Lubricants Price Increase Pending April 2018

Finished Lubricants Price Increase

Finished Lubricants Price Increase

Finished Lubricants Price Increase

With the continued rise of raw material costs that impact the manufacturing, processing and delivery of finished lubricants, a 2nd round of price increases are expected by all major manufacturers by as early as April 23, 2018. According to Jobbers World, price increases on finished lubricant products will range between 3-10% and will go into effect as early as April 30. Chevron and Total are leading the charge, having notified customers of pending price increases on the horizon. In an effort to meet our customer’s needs and requests, we encourage you to place orders as early as possible to benefit from current price levels on finished lubricants.  In tandem with the announcements made by all major oil manufacturers regarding their lubricant price increases, on May 7th, 2018, SCL will raise all major oil branded and unbranded products by a comparable percentage.

Outstanding Customer Service at Competitive Prices

As a solutions and logistics provider for a wide range of industry sectors, we recognize that these fluctuations in price will impact your business in one way or another and we will make every effort possible to help offset an increase in pending expenses. We are committed to providing our customers with the highest quality products and outstanding customer service at competitive prices.

Major Oil Manufacturer Price Increase Announcements

Below you will find links to price letters from some of our major and private label oil manufacturers on their 2nd finished lubricant price increase of 2018. As announcements come in from additional manufacturers, we will update links accordingly.

Contact an SCL Consultant Today

We at SCL thank you for your continued business and we appreciate the opportunity to serve you. As the industry changes over time, you can count on us to support you in understanding pending market fluctuations such as finished lubricant price increases and to provide you with viable solutions to meet your product and bottom line needs. If you have any questions regarding these pending price increases, please contact an SCL representative today.


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