Driver Fuel Policy – Implement to Protect Your Fleet and Assets

Driver Fuel Policy

Driver Fuel Policy

Transparency and Clarity with a Driver Fuel Policy

Fleet management is complex with a lot of moving parts, so at SCL we implement a driver fuel policy for each employee in regards to CFN usage that keeps managers and drivers on the same page. With full transparency and clarity around expectations and card usage, we are able to successfully ward off potential problems with accountability and incidents of employee theft. In a perfect world, such measures would not be necessary, but whether you’re dealing with an unintentional mistake or the deliberate misuse of a card, the clear communication and full transparency that comes from implementing a driver fuel policy will be a beneficial procedure for your organization.

How Does it Work

According to SCL’s Cardlock Specialist Keith Kerslake, “Everyone should be using a driver fuel policy. We hand out a sample to our customers and recommend that they customize it to fit what satisfies their specific needs.” Driver fuel policy forms clearly state what is expected of a driver and the specific parameters of card usage. When a driver signs and dates the form, he or she acknowledges an understanding of expectations and limitations and the clearly defined usage of the card for that company, which may include specific hours of operation and limits on the volume of fuel allowed. This creates transparency and prevents untrustworthy employees from claiming that they did not know the full picture when approached for having abused card parameters. Below is a sample of the driver fuel policy we currently use at SCL. Feel free to create a driver fuel policy for your own organization using this template as an example.

SCL Driver Fuel Policy

Employees authorized to fuel company vehicles are issued a (5) digit Driver ID to be used with the company’s SCL CFN fuel card. This document is to verify that you understand your responsibilities and the company’s policies regarding the use of your Driver ID.

Employee Acceptance Statements

  • I have been issued a Driver ID, which authorizes me to fuel company vehicles only, using the company’s SCL CFN fuel card
  • I understand that my Driver ID identifies me by name on a fuel report and that I am accountable for all transactions made using my Driver ID. Therefore, I will not share my Driver ID with anyone. If I believe someone else knows my Driver ID, I will immediately notify my supervisor and/or fleet manager.
  • I understand that the SCL CFN fuel card is not to be used for personal vehicles or non-business purposes. Using the SCL CFN fuel card for any purpose other than official business use will be considered theft of company property.
  • I understand that each time I use a SCL CFN fuel card I am required to completely fill the vehicle’s fuel tank and enter an accurate odometer reading. This will allow the company to monitor fuel usage and track required maintenance intervals. My failure to do this may result in disciplinary action.
  • I understand that each SCL CFN fuel card is assigned to either an individual company vehicle or specific fueling purpose (example; off road equipment fuel card). My Driver ID will work with any SCL CFN fuel card issued to the company. I understand that it is against company policy to swap or share cards between vehicles or to use any card for other than the intended purpose.

Evidenced by my signature below, I understand and agree to the above statements.

Employee Name: (Print)



The Bottom Line

Having a driver fuel policy in place is a preventative measure that allows you to protect your fleet and assets by keeping management and drivers on the same page. It allows for 2-way communication between management and employees and prevents the risk of CFN card abuse and employee theft. At SCL we highly recommend implementing a driver fuel policy as part of your fleet management protocol to protect your fleet and assets.

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