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Des-Case Filtration Products for Lubricant Protection



Des-Case – Optimal Protection Against Moisture and Debris

Contamination control is a reality when you are dealing with products that can make or break the health and productivity of costly equipment. At SCL, we take contamination seriously, which is why we have partnered with Des-Case – an industry leader in the development of contamination control devices for fluid storage, dispensation and filling. Des-Case is the original developer of desiccant breather products and according to their website, has been “Pioneering the breather industry for decades for some of the largest manufacturing companies around the world.” As manufactures of desiccant breathers that remove contaminants like moisture and dirt from the air to keep fuel and lubricants running clean and dry, Des-Case products keep inventory clean without exposure to the outside environment. The Des-Case desiccant breathers, along with their full line of contamination control products are an excellent benefit for our customers from a dispensing perspective, keeping their products clean by sealing them off from beginning to end from harmful dirt and debris.

Lubricant Handling Benefits

Having been in the industry for over six decades, at SCL we’ve seen it all when it comes to the proper and improper handling of lubricant products. It’s not uncommon for a tanks to be exposed to the outside environment, with vents covered only by a screen, dust cap or OEM breather cap on equipment. This allows for dust, dirt and moisture to enter the tank, compromising the lubricant product and ultimately, your engines and machines. If an environment is especially humid – as is the case near the California coast – ambient moisture can be drawn into improperly sealed tanks, becoming trapped and potentially affecting the chemical makeup and integrity of your fuel or lubricant product. By applying a desiccant breather to your tanks you create a protective line of defense that filters out unwanted moisture and debris down to a 3-micron level, keeping your products pristine.

The Cost of Contamination

Without contamination control measures in place your operation opens itself up to the risk of costly damage to both inventory and equipment. One particular SCL customer learned this lesson the hard way after losing multiple injectors on their fleet of trucks. The company began to investigate their stationary fuel tank as a possible culprit and discovered rust within their fuel. After we performed an analysis on their tank we discovered an algae bloom resulting from ambient moisture that had penetrated the tank and built up over time. The algae was corroding the inside walls of the tank, depositing iron oxide particulates into the fuel, which then compromised the truck fuel injectors. After replacing the tanks and adding desiccant breathers, the company was able to prevent further damage, but $30,000 lost as a result of fuel injector failure was a big financial hit, not to mention the loss of product, equipment downtime and the cost labor required for repairs. By installing desiccant breathers onto your tanks as part of contamination control, you can ensure the integrity of your products and equipment.  By having this protocol in place as a preventative measure, part of your preventative maintenance plan, you will keep your fuel and lubricant products debris and moisture free.

An Overview of Des-Case Desiccant Breather Products

Des-Case carries a spectrum of contamination protection products, most notably their desiccant breathers. Their desiccant breathers can be applied to a wide spectrum of applications and are the first line of defense against contamination to remove moisture and debris from the headspace of your equipment. Their breathers offer extreme filtration to protect against even the smallest particulates that destroy the effectiveness of your machinery, and cause downtime and costly repairs. Layered desiccant filter elements remove particulates while the desiccant beads strip harmful moisture. Whether you choose the Extended Series® Breathers, their Extreme Duty Breathers, their Ventguard™ Breathers, Hydroguard® Breathers, or Reusable Steel Breathers, your fluid handling, storage and transferring needs are protected. Besides desiccant breathers, Des-Case also manufactures additional fluid handling solutions, from made-to-order lubricant filtration systems, portable filtration units, permanently mounted dedicated filtration systems, vacuum dehydration, customizable lubricant management systems such as IsoLink™ Oil Transfer Containers, quick connect technology, and customizable filter elements. Whatever your filtration needs, Des-Case has got you covered when it comes to keeping your fuel and lubricants free of harmful moisture and particulates.

The Bottom Line

Protect your equipment and operations from the negative and often costly impact of unwanted moisture and debris by installing a Des-Case desiccant breather on your lubricant and fuel storage tanks. With their reputable filter handling solutions you will be able to filter, store and transfer fluids cleanly while “Improving industrial equipment performance and lubricant life, preventing production downtime and high machinery repair costs.”

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