Optimal DEF Transfer System – An Interview with Tecalemit

DEF Transfer System

DEF Transfer System – Tecalemit’s Hornet W85 Full Kit FMT 3

An Interview with Paula Guerra – Subject Matter Expert and Sales Associate for Tecalemit

Diesel Exhaust Fluid, or DEF is a non-toxic, non-hazardous solution made up of deionized water (67.5%) and urea (32.5%), used to comply with the Environmental Protection Agency’s 2010 Diesel Emission Standards to offset emissions in medium and heavy duty trucks. When buying DEF it’s important to choose only the highest quality product from a reputable vendor and when transporting and storing the liquid it’s essential to have a storage and pumping system in place that will optimize chemical integrity and quality. In this article we spoke with Paula Guerra, sales associate for Tecalemit, Inc USA – a company specializing in fluid transfer systems, flow meters, DEF pumps, dispensers and tank systems – about the importance of choosing a turnkey, closed loop DEF transfer and dispensing system for your fleet.

Turnkey Fluid Dispensing Solutions

Whether you’re running a small or large fleet of diesel trucks you need to store and transfer your DEF in a manner that maintains the highest level of quality with the greatest ease, efficiency and reliability. At SCL we’ve come to rely on the range of product solutions designed by Tecalemit for our DEF transfer system and pump needs on 55-gallon drums, 275 gallon totes and large, custom tank systems. Tecalemit specializes in the design of fluid transfer systems, DEF pumps and dispensers, flow meters, systems for automated inventory management, and their DEF-PRO All-in-One mini bulk tank systems. The wide spectrum of turnkey solutions they provide are fully customizable, intelligently designed, manufactured from high quality materials and utilize a multiple DEF pump models depending on a specific application. 

The Tecalemit Hornet W85 DEF Transfer Pump

One of our go-to DEF transfer system pumps for DEF at SCL is the Tecalemit Hornet W85 – a stainless steel self-priming pump with a 13-foot suction lift. Capable of handling large tank configurations or smaller totes and drums, the Hornet has a 20% higher flow rate than other DEF pumps on the market. Easily moving liquid through up to 100 feet of hose at 36 psi and 10 GPM, the 115V, 60 Hz Hornet primes in less than 5 seconds, has thermal overload protection and a continuous duty cycle, which allows more work to be done without having to cool down the pump. The continuous duty cycle prevents overheating, and as long as there is fluid, the pump will not run dry. Choose from an automatic or manual nozzle made from durable stainless steel, unlike other manufacturer nozzles made of plastic. We’ve chosen the Hornet as our go-to DEF transfer pump because of its easy installation. Pump kits arrive fully assembled and need only to be affixed to tanks, drums or totes. The Tecalemit Hornet W85 DEF transfer system pump is a solution that will save you time and money by not having to assemble a separate pump and meter. The system comes ready to go with digital meters, a stainless steel bracket that attaches to totes or drums and the peace of mind in knowing that it’s ready upon delivery. We attach the pump, flip the switch and you’re good to go.

DEF-Pro Southern All In One and DEF-Pro Eco Mini Bulk Storage and Dispensing Systems

For larger fleets who require a higher volume of DEF, the Tecalemit DEF-PRO All In One Southern and the DEF-Pro All In One Eco Mini Bulk Tank Systems are the perfect solutions. With these larger setups the pump is poly welded or affixed with an outside bracket and each kit is built, assembled and shipped direct to the customer on a pallet. DEF-Pro All-In-One Eco Mini Bulk Tank Systems come equipped with a Hornet W85 Hybrid Pump, 20 feet of delivery hose with an automatic nozzle, flow meter, Micro Matic closed loop connections and a wide range of system upgrades to accommodate your specific needs. The DEF-Pro All In One Southern Mini Bulk DEF storage tank and dispensing system is a plug and play unit with 20 feet of delivery hose, automatic nozzle, flow meter, 2” remote fill line on 800 gallons or more, heavy duty, aluminum lockable cabinets and Micro Matic closed loop connections – a complete package and fully customizable, including a double-walled containment option to accommodate California’s municipality specific regulations.

Premium Design and Components

All of Tecalemit’s DEF transfer system and dispensing systems are manufactured with Micro Matic stainless steel components – the highest quality option for creating a closed-loop system with couplers and valves. DEF is sensitive to contamination from exposure to ambient air and temperature fluctuations and requires a closed-loop system to protect and maintain its chemical makeup and solutionization.  Paula Guerra, sales associate for Tecalemit, USA had this to say about what sets them apart from their competition: “What makes us unique is that the pump we put together for our kits is the same across all applications – unique, powerful and strong enough to be used on a large tank or a smaller kit with a 13-foot suction lift. There are other pumps out there that you could use but ours is the only one strong enough to grow with the customer. With the Hornet W85’s continuous duty it won’t overheat if you run it 24/7 as long as there’s fluid in the line and it will work as hard as you need it to. The Hornet comes with 20 feet of hose and has been tested with up to 100 feet, where the flow dropped only 1-2 GPM at this extended length. As an additional component, retractable hose reels are available as well as other customizations such as extra vents for tank monitors. You can build your pump setup to be as simple or as complicated as necessary and choose from systems that are Weights and Measures Certified or more standard non-Weights and Measures approved models that are less than ½ of a percent +/- accurate. Anything that has to do with measuring and dispensing fluid, we can do it. If you can think it up, we can build it.”

A Proven Partnership

Says Guerra, “SCL has been a super beneficial partner for us at Tecalemit and they have been big supporters of our products so we do everything we can to get them what they need. If a customer calls up and wants a custom design, we work with SCL to give them any necessary guidance. We build our equipment out of the highest quality materials but inevitably, things are going to break from time to time. The guys in the field are rough… they’re going to drop things and throw them around and eventually that takes a toll on equipment. The biggest test for us is to get things back up and running quickly when that happens, providing our jobbers with the right solutions to get back to work as soon as possible.”

DEF Transfer System – Why We Choose Tecalemit

According to Melissa Carson, Business Development Manager and Contract Specialist for SCL, “Tecalemit has a solution for a wide range of customer needs, from large fleet installers to mom and pop operations with a handful of trucks. At SCL we choose companies that provide a level of reliability and will uphold quality control standards. The solutions that Tecalemit brings to the DEF industry separates them from their competition. They’re always quick to respond to problems and have been a great partner for us.”

Contact an SCL Consultant today

In a wide range of industrial sectors, if there’s metal touching metal, oil is involved. At SCL, we’re here to protect and optimize the machines that keep our country moving and we pride ourselves on providing superior logistics and solutions, extensive product and industry knowledge, and total performance satisfaction for our customers. Call an SCL consultant today for more information about Tecalemit and how their range of turnkey, premium quality, custom storage and dispensing solutions can help maintain the integrity of your products and have you measuring, controlling, transferring and dispensing DEF along with other fluids and gases with ease.


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