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Common Objections to Service Recommendations and How to Overcome Them

Auto mechanic with customer

Auto mechanic with customer

Why Simply Relaying Information Should No Longer be Status Quo

When it comes to dealer or factory recommended maintenance or even necessary repairs, many customers are often resistant to accept advice from automotive service providers. They either don’t have the time to wait, they didn’t budget for the expense, they believe they can get it done elsewhere cheaper, and the list goes on.

Even the best service advisors can’t be expected to convince everyone of the value of doing business at your dealership or facility, but there are definitely tools they can utilize to up their success rate.

Here are a few common objections customers offer and how they can be overcome:


Even if customers don’t know anything about vehicles or vehicle maintenance, they’ll most likely be able to tell if you’re selling them a service they don’t need. Be honest and transparent, use terms that your customer can understand – not acronyms or car jargon. If there are some items that can be done at a later date, let your customer know and explain why. When they feel you’re meeting them on their level and sincerely trying to help, they are more likely to buy in on what you’re telling them needs to be done.


If a customer comes in for routine maintenance and technicians find additional issues, many times that customer will use their schedule as an excuse to take care of those items later. Good service advisors try to understand the limitations that customer is working with – are they worried about a ride to work? If he or she has children, could you arrange a loaner car so they don’t have to go without car seats? Understandingwhytime is an objection and finding a way to address it can take uncertainty away for the customer so he or she can make a better-informed decision.


For many, getting unscheduled maintenance done on their vehicle is simply not possible without advanced notice or budgeting. If service advisors find themselves faced with the budget objection, first explain the necessity of the repair — many times that’s enough to get the customer’s attention. If the work isn’t urgent but needs to be done, talk to a general manager about a payment plan or credit option. If resources are still an issue, schedule a time in the future for the customer to come in and follow up with them to ensure the expense is in their budget later on.

Considering a New Vehicle

When repairs reach a certain amount some customers believe they’d be better off with a new car versus a hefty repair cost. In those cases, take the time to walk that customer next door to a car dealership or refer them to a salesperson you know. That expert can then walk the customer through a price comparison to help them decide if trading in their vehicle for a newer model truly is the best choice. If it’s not, then the salesperson can circle back to you. In this case, it’s especially important to follow through and find a solution either way.

Mechanic Friend

Customers who have friends or family who are mechanics, or those who are mechanics themselves, are often the most challenging. In these cases, first try explaining that having a licensed and bonded technician work on your vehicle is often required to maintain warranties. Do your best to also point out technicians at your facility are factory trained to perform maintenance and order genuine parts. Friends who are mechanics cannot have their work guaranteed in the event the repair fails or if issues covered by the warranty arise. Regardless, take great care that you don’t insult the mechanic in their circle.

Taking the time to face any objection by a customer can certainly mean more work on the front end, but it could also mean the difference between spending an hour with a customer who later walks out versus spending an hour with a customer who accepts your recommendations.

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