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Chevron IsoClean

Our customers are out there on the road, in the dirt, the mud and the grime, getting the job done and at SCL we are always looking for new and improved ways to support them in maintaining and optimizing the machines, fleets and vehicles that keep our country moving. As a proud partner of Chevron, we stand behind their Chevron ISOCLEAN Program as an effective and reliable way to fight wear while preventing costly equipment downtime while simultaneously extending the life of your valuable equipment.

The cold, hard truth is that when you’re working in rough, dirty environments, particles such as metal, dirt, rocks, dust and sludge have a way of entering your engine and lubrication system causing further contamination and wear. Chevron’s ISOCLEAN® Program was designed to combat such contamination and wear from the inside out, providing just the right products and expertise to enhance the overall wellbeing of your engine. Like a blood thinner moving through the circulatory system, Chevron ISOCLEAN offers contamination control for your circulating lubrication systems.

What Is the Chevron ISOCLEAN Program

On the ISOCLEAN® website you will read, “Goliath, Meet David,” which is exactly what the Chevron ISOCLEAN Program  is – a seemingly small but mighty step toward taking care of your large machinery. “Don’t let dirt particles 4 microns small take down your giant machines,” using Chevron’s ISOCLEAN®’s certified lubricants for:

  • Heavy duty engines
  • Gears
  • Paper machines
  • Compressor oils
  • Hydraulic fluids
  • Transmission fluid
  • Natural gas engines
  • Turbines

Chevron understands that the performance of your most valuable equipment relies on the overall cleanliness and integrity of the fluids and lubricants you’re running within them, which is why the Chevron ISOCLEAN Program offers lubricants specifically filtered to meet OEM ISO cleanliness standards. Every Chevron ISOCLEAN product is pre-tested and certified and comes with the peace of mind in knowing that it is backed by the credibility of the Chevron brand name, ensuring optimal performance and customer satisfaction.

Chevron ISOCLEAN Services

Regardless of the mechanical application, ISOCLEAN® Services will support the health of your lubrication system the wear and tear of microparticulates to water, all of which can lead to decreased efficiency, a reduction in the life of your equipment, and an increase in costly downtime or replacement. A breakdown of ISOCLEAN®’s Services are:

    • Fluid Purification and Dehydration – Allows for the insite removal of contaminants including particles, water and dissolved gases. Minimizes fluid oxidation, maintains lubricity and reduces fluid aeration for bulk storage tanks, system reservoirs and operating equipment.
    • Fluid Handling Consultation – Allows for the evaluation of bulk storage facilities and product handling processes that will ensure that your system’s fluid cleanliness meets optimal standards within your operating equipment.
    • Varnish Removal and Mitigation – Allows for the onsite removal of varnish with chemical and resin cleaning technologies, as well as lubricant consulting to keep your systems running at optimal levels.
    • High-Velocity Flushing – Allows for the onsite system flushing of new equipment and systems and routine maintenance to remove contaminants prior to system installation. Get it clean right from the get-go.
    • Reservoir and Tank Cleaning – Allows for safe and effective contaminant removal and clean oil storage under the supervision of our fully trained technicians who work to maintain fluid cleanliness at the level of equipment fill.
    • Condition Monitoring and System Audits – Allows for online sampling, measuring and monitoring of all fluids along with cleanliness and integrity analysis and necessary corrective actions when appropriate to optimize and extend the life of your equipment.

The Benefits

Machines and engines that are maintained properly and kept free and clear of solids, moisture and gases while being operated under normal to optimal temperatures within your circulating lubrication systems are more apt to have extended equipment life and higher efficiency and productivity than contaminated systems. Chevron ISOCLEAN is a powerful tool for maintaining a clean engine system.

Some of the potential benefits of introducing the Chevron ISOCLEAN Program are:

  • Increase uptime
  • Improved machinery reliability
  • Increased component life
  • Reduced service time
  • Reduced disposal costs
  • Improved product quality
  • Improved safety
  • Reduced maintenance time

The Bottom Line

With Chevron’s ISOCLEAN Program and Services, you will be in the best hands possible when it comes to optimizing the health of your valuable equipment. ISOCLEAN Service Specialists and certified ISOCLEAN lubricant marketers such as SCL will make sure that you have access to the products and services you need to keep your fleet in operation and running at optimal levels, saving you both time and money.

Contact an SCL Consultant Today

In a wide range of industrial sectors, if there’s metal touching metal, oil is involved. At SCL, we’re here to protect and optimize the machines that keep our country moving and we pride ourselves on providing superior logistics and solutions, extensive product and industry knowledge and total performance satisfaction for our customers. As a preventative maintenance measure we recommend taking the time to assess the current labeling of your tanks, both above and below ground to ensure compliance with the proper storage of products as well as local, state and federal regulations. For more information on how to properly label your tanks and products, to make sure that your manufacturer labels are current or if you would like to schedule a plant survey, contact an SCL consultant today.

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