SCL Announces New Changes to CFN Cardholders for Fraudulent Charges

SCL Customers Must Submit Claims Within 15 Days, Set Limits on Cards

New changes announced by the Cardlock Fuel Network (CFN) includes a requirement by participants to submit all claims for fraudulent purchases within 15 days from when cards are invalidated instead of 30.

CFN also further enforced that all cards in their system incorporate reasonable transaction limits, set by each participant.

The announcement comes in response to a rising number of thefts related to skimmers as well as an increasing instance of card thefts.

“We want to inform our customers what the new rules are so that they can abide by them and, most importantly, protect their business against fraud,” said SCL Fuels Specialist Keith Kerslake. “We don’t want our customers to submit claims beyond the parameters set by CFN and then have to deal with those claims being denied.”

In order to ensure the proper precautions are taken and that any submitted claims will be honored, all CFN participants must have a minimum control set on each card. For most customers that equates to 1 or 2 transactions a day totaling about 30 gallons, Kerslake said.

“The requirement that cards have a set number of allowed transactions per day is not new, but we have seen a few claims denied because customers did not have a limit set,” he said. “In order for warranties to be honored, that limit has to be set, which customers can do either by logging in to their account online or contact their rep.

In addition to reporting fraud within 15 days now instead of 30, all lost or stolen cards must be reported within 5 days. In such cases, only claims up to $10,000 will be honored.

Further Precautions Against Theft

SCL is urging all CFN customers to utilize e-receipts, which are sent within minutes of every transaction, and to keep a close eye on exception reports, which are sent any time a card is attempted to be used outside of the limits and restrictions placed on it.

“The most important thing is that customers really pay attention to their transactions,” Kerslake said. “That means they review their bi-monthly invoice immediately upon receipt, checking for fraudulent charges and, reporting anything unusual to their provider so that card. Then a claim must be submitted within 15 days following that invalidation.”

There is no way to fully prevent theft, especially with the advancement of skimmers and hacking, but there are ways to become more vigilant and to ensure if your card is compromised, your warranty is honored, he said.

Utilizing New Technologies

In addition to manually keeping an eye on transactions, emerging technologies including the CardlessSwipe App can help virtually eliminate card theft.

Using geolocation, CardlessSwipe allows drivers to pay using an app on their phone instead of a physical card. Participation in the CardlessSwipe option is up to independent CFN owners, Kerslake said. Currently, it is available at SCL locations in San Marcos and Vista, Calif., with many others nationwide also making it available.

Additional Changes to Keep in Mind

Although a full list of new CFN mandates regarding fraud procedures will be emailed to all SCL participants, it is important to note the following, as they are the sole responsibilities of the customer. Failure to adhere to these restrictions will lead to potential denial of fraudulent claims by CFN:

• Reasonable limits placed on each card.

• Strict control on cards. Claims on lost or stolen cards are only covered for a 5-day period prior to when the card was stolen or lost and the card was invalidated.

• Review bi-monthly invoice upon receipt for fraudulent charges and, if found, make sure compromised cards are immediately invalidated. Once card has been invalidated any charges 45 days prior to invalidation will be covered.

• Use e-receipts and exception reports on a daily basis to monitor card activity.

• Once a fraudulent charge, or lost or stolen card has been noticed/verified and cards invalidated, it is the customer’s responsibility to file a Fraud Dispute form with CFN within 15 days of the card invalidation.

• SCL must have an updated email contact address for notifications of potential fraudulent charges and policy changes.

• Read and understand the CFN Fraud Protection Program Terms and Conditions.

• Be familiar with the Fraudulent Flow Chart, which details the process and requirements for a successful claim for fraudulent charges.

If customers have any questions, they may contact

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