Castrol Launches World’s First Certified Carbon-Neutral Commercial Vehicle Engine Oil

Vecton Carbon Neutral Increases Performance Reserve Up to 42%, Optimizes Drain Intervals

A new advanced heavy-duty diesel and natural-gas engine oil by Castrol that boasts carbon neutrality is now available for SCL customers looking to reduce environmental impact without sacrificing performance.

Unlike other environmentally friendly options that help companies reduce their carbon footprint, Castrol Vecton Carbon Neutral utilizes advanced technology to ensure usage does not come at the expense of performance or longevity.

According to Castrol, requirements to lower CO2 emissions have led to new engine technologies that generate higher torque, leading to higher engine temperatures and pressure. As a consequence, there’s often an increase in deposit build-up, oxidation acceleration, oil thickening, and rapid depletion of oil’s acid-controlling reserves, all of which pushes the oil closer to breakdown.

Any reduction in oil life and longevity equates to an increase in service intervals, and hence, added cost. It can also increase a fleet’s need for additional preventive maintenance.

“The residual concerns of negligible performance and engine life when using environmentally friendly products is a real concern that prevents a lot of companies from working to reduce their carbon footprint. The reality is that most of our customers don’t have the budget to increase the number of service intervals among their fleets to account for those effects, so they often stick to the products they know, products that don’t provide the benefits of helping them to embrace a more environmentally friendly business model,” said SCL General Manager Travis Becktel. “This product by Castrol significantly decreases – and in many cases could eliminate – those residual concerns, which allows companies who want to prioritize the environment and their carbon footprint to marry that goal with their budget goals.”

Castrol Vecton Carbon Neutral utilizes proprietary System Pro Technology™, which helps to increase performance reserve up to 42% by controlling oxidation, reducing deposits and neutralizing acids. It also adapts to higher temperatures to maintain viscosity, leading to longer oil life and increased drain intervals up to 50% above OEM maximum limit.

Available in 10W-30 and 15W-40 varieties, Castrol Vecton CK-4/NG is suitable for use in high speed, 4-stroke diesel and natural-gas engines. It is compatible with diesel and natural-gas engines fitted with EGR and the latest exhaust after treatment systems such as DPF, DOC and/or SCR. It meets API CK-4 (diesel), Cummins CES 20092 (natural gas), and API SN (gasoline) engine specifications.

In addition to simplifying the type of oil that mixed fleets can use across multiple vehicles, the product demonstrates an ongoing effort by Castrol to reduce carbon footprint.

In order to use the carbon neutral claim, the company used a calculation assured by EY against the British standard for carbon neutrality – PAS 2060 – that factored in the sourcing of raw materials in the United States, shipping to production facilities, energy consumed in transportation, waste products, and the impact of shipping to consumers to include packaging and transport.

To achieve PAS 2060, businesses must demonstrate there is no net increase in the global emission of greenhouse gases (GHG) to the atmosphere, as a result of greenhouse gas emissions associated with the product. GHG are first assessed using raw data, then a carbon management plan complete with specific reduction strategies must be submitted. Following the reduction phase, GHG emissions are offset by high quality, certified carbon credits, and then a standard-compliant declaration of achievement of neutrality through a set of statements known as Qualifying Explanatory Statements (QES). Public disclosure of all documentations that supports the carbon neutrality claim is also required.


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