Top 3 Best Practices to Prepare for Summer Driving Conditions

Summer Driving Conditions

Summer Driving Conditions

Set Yourself Up To Win With These Top 3 Tips for Summer Driving Conditions

Summer driving conditions – for better or worse – are right around the corner, and if you live in California, you know that sometimes means LONG lines of slow moving traffic on scorching hot highways. To set yourself up to win during the summer heat, consider the following 3 best practices…

Service Your AC Unit

Over time, the air conditioning unit in your vehicle can degrade, causing the air to blow cool instead of cold. This is an indication that your freon charging system needs to be either replaced or cleaned. Cleaning or servicing your air conditioning unit will enhance the overall air quality and cooling performance of your vehicle, which will make for a cooler ride and will also contribute to the temperature regulation of your engine. When it comes to cleaning the ducts and cabin filters of our fleet, we at SCL rely on the full line of Petra AC products. They have created a long-lasting and biodegradable product line for cars, trucks, vans and RV’s that includes: 

  • Petra ICE32 – Improves air flow and cooling performance while cutting humidity, eliminating moisture and acid and sealing up the entire cooling system to prevent air leakage.
  •  Petra Universal R-134A PAG 100 Refrigerant Oilspecifically designed for R-134a air conditioning systems and meets all OEM specifications. Formulated with UV dye for easy leak detection.
  • Petra Evaporator Odor Eliminator – Professional strength foaming agent that eliminates odors caused by mold and bacteria from your AC system while simultaneously cleaning the evaporator.
  • Petra AC Stop Leak – Creates a film that seeks out and adheres to metal surfaces, similar to Petra Ice, allowing polarized and modified molecules to flow easily through AC units. Better flow, improved cooling performance, extension of AC unit life, sludge prevention, compressor support, eliminates moisture and acids, cuts humidity, enhances cabin comfort and contains a UV dye for easier leak detection.

Clean Your Fuel Injectors

If you’ve noticed a decrease in your fuel efficiency, a loss of power in your engine or black soot exiting your exhaust pipe, it may be time to run an engine decarbonization service. Carbon residue builds up in your engine over time and can lower fuel efficiency and engine performance, so consider either a chemical or physical decarbonization service. Besides carrying the full line of Petra AC Products, we also carry Petra Fuel System Products that clean your engine’s injectors, valves, combustion chamber and throttle body, eliminating rough idle, decreasing emissions and increasing fuel economy and engine performance. Petra Fuel System Products include Petra Power Fuel, Petra Fuel System Cleaner, Petra Air Intake Cleaner, Petra Octane Boost, Petra Ethanol Fuel Treatment, Petra Superior Injector Treatment, Petra Air Intake Cleaner, and Petra Fuel Power II. The products contribute toward a reduction in emissions, an improvement in power, improved drivability and acceleration and they protect against rust and corrosion within the fuel distribution system.

Inflate Your Tires With Nitrogen

By far, one of the simplest and most effective ways to increase fuel economy is to properly maintain your tire inflation pressure. When you drive with the correct tire pressure you are able to maintain a balanced load capacity, which enhances the longevity and integrity of your tire tread. As important as tire tread is, the internal pressure of the tire is what maintains equal weight distribution. Underinflated tires are more apt to blow out and they create surface drag that requires more fuel to propel the vehicle. Regularly checking your tire pressure is important, but when you use nitrogen versus oxygen-rich refillable “shop air,” you maintain tire pressure longer. Pure nitrogen has a robust molecular structure that maintains constant pressure within the tire, unlike normal air that escapes through the permeable rubber membrane as temperatures cause the gasses to expand and contract. Nitrogen also minimizes oxidation and limits moisture and humidity trapped within the tire because of it’s inert, dry properties. At SCL we also carry PetraFlate, which allows you to increase your fuel economy by 10%, tire life by 50%, improved handling and braking, interior wall corrosion prevention and a reduction in your carbon footprint. 

Contact an SCL Consultant Today

This summer, stay cool, save money and treat your vehicle right by servicing your AC, cleaning out your fuel injectors and by using nitrogen tire inflation. For information on how we can assist your fleet in choosing the optimal products to prepare for summer driving conditions, contact an SCL consultant today. In a wide range of industrial sectors, SCL is committed to being the number one logistics and solutions provider for the products that protect and optimize the machines that keep our country moving. We pride ourselves on remaining at the forefront of industry trends and technological innovations, and as the market continues to evolve, we are committed to providing extensive product and industry knowledge and total performance satisfaction for our customers.

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