Increase Fuel Economy with Petra Fuel System Services

Increase Fuel Economy

Increase Fuel Economy

Damage Over Time – What’s Happening in Your Engine

You may not notice it at first, but as carbon deposits build up inside of your engine, your truck or vehicle is being forced to work harder, putting strain on engine components and using more fuel, which translates to more money. Your vehicle may otherwise be working just fine, but within your engine there’s another story unfolding. Each time your fuel injectors are activated via acceleration they start to build up microscopic carbon deposits, preventing them from spraying accurately. The clogging effect of these particulates in the injector head can give you a higher influx of fuel in one area in an irregular stream. This irregular stream of fuel lands in one area over and over again, creating a buildup of carbon residue that your engine’s computer recognizes and then asks for more gasoline to compensate. More gas equals more wear on your engine, decreased fuel economy and ultimately, increased expenses. To offer some insight into the importance of maintaining your fuel system as part of your preventative maintenance schedule and to enhance engine performance and increase fuel economy we spoke with Arnold Gacitas, President of Petra Oil Company in Cypress, Texas – manufacturer of a wide spectrum of fuel system products such as Petra Fuel Power, Petra Fuel System Cleaner and Petra Air Intake Cleaner.

Increase Fuel Economy and Maintain the Integrity of Your Fuel System

Wouldn’t it be nice to restore your truck or vehicle to its original capacity for power, efficiency and performance? With Petra’s line of aggressive products that clean and remove carbon buildup and deposits from your fuel system, you will save money by increasing fuel economy and decreasing emissions as well as eliminating rough idle and hesitation problems. Says Arnold Gacitas of Petra, “What we’re mainly doing with our products is dealing with carbon – cleaning out the tank, fuel lines, valves, injectors, throttle body and combustion chamber. Depending on how clean the fuel and tanks are you’re going to have micro debris starting to build up, which affects your vehicle’s performance. Most manufacturers want top tier fuel to run hotter, faster and to help clean carbon from injectors and valves. Our products do this. They lower gas consumption and emissions, give you more power, save money on fuel filter exchanges and extend vehicle integrity and productivity.”

Petra Fuel Injection Service and Products

Petra manufactures a wide spectrum of automotive products to clean and maintain your gasoline or diesel engine components and fluids. Their professional grade, high quality products are available only through wholesale distribution and at SCL we carry the following Petra products along with many others to satisfy your fuel system maintenance needs:

  • Petra Fuel Power – Removes engine deposits from low quality or non-additized fuels, which can result in a dirty fuel system, loss of power, decreased fuel economy, increased emissions, decreased acceleration, exhaust valve sticking and engine noise. Petra Fuel Power restores the flow to your fuel injectors and increases your engine’s overall power and performance.
  • Petra Fuel System Cleaner – Designed to be used with Petra Intake System Cleaner equipment, Petra Fuel System Cleaner was specifically formulated to clean your engine’s fuel system by reducing combustion chamber, intake valve and fuel injector deposits. It restores power and performance, improves fuel economy and minimizes emissions.
  • Petra Air Intake Cleaner – Safe for use in coated throttle bodies and intakes, Petra Air Intake Cleaner is designed for cleaning, protecting and lubricating your air intake system and helps to maintain the proper intake of air within engine components. It eliminates hard starting, rough idling and poor running by removing deposits.
  • Petra Superior Injector Treatment – A premium product made from proprietary additives and aromatic hydrocarbons, the Petra Superior Injector Treatment cleans injectors to maximize performance and restore fuel economy. Perfect for modern and older vehicles alike, it is best used when the fuel tank is at ¼ full or below.

Contact an SCL Consultant today

Whether you’re running a fleet of diesel trucks or regular gasoline engines, the condition of your fuel system will impact both fuel economy and performance over time because without the proper products and fuel system maintenance your engine builds up deposits that cause your vehicle to lose power and run less efficiently. As part of the preventative maintenance of your fleet, cleaning your fuel system with Petra products will support your engine in running more efficiently, with more power and will increase fuel economy while decreasing emissions. For more information on Petra Fuel Service products and how they can enhance the performance of your engine, visit them on the web at Petra Oil or contact an SCL consultant today to discuss which Petra products will be the best fit for your fleet.

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