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Rev Up Your Diesel Engine With Diesel Cleaning Products

Diesel Cleaning Products

Diesel Cleaning Products

Improve Fleet Performance with Diesel Enhancing Products

It’s not the most common element in the preventative maintenance schedule of a diesel fleet, but by implementing a regular practice of cleaning your diesel fuel system you can improve fleet performance and support your trucks to run cleaner, with more fuel efficiency, and with more overall power. Over time, carbon deposits can build up in the fuel system of your diesel engine, significantly inhibiting performance. It’s like having plaque in one’s arteries. The plaque constricts the blood flow and forces the heart to work harder and harder to keep up with the functions of the body. Similarly, a compromised or constricted fuel system forces your engine to work overtime, creating stress and strain on engine components that can cause premature and costly wear and tear over time. By utilizing a diesel fuel system service or product you will improve performance significantly by cleaning the fuel injectors, the fuel pump, the combustion chamber, the tank, and all valves and hoses. By choosing from the line of diesel enhancing products that we carry at SCL you can eliminate rough idle, eliminate engine hesitation problems, and significantly decrease emissions.

Diesel Cleaning Products

At SCL we carry a spectrum of diesel enhancing products from companies such as Petra, Chevron with Techron, and our own in-house brand, Olympus. Learn more about these reputable brand names and their diesel cleaning products below:

OlympusOlympus is a private-label brand of automotive and industrial lubricants created by SCL and its partner companies to provide a cost effective alternative for customers. Their products are formulated from the same base stock as major branded oils but void of the expensive premiums that are typically associated with them. Developed as an alternative to name brand labels, Olympus carries a variety of products including motor oils, turbine R&O oils, vacuum pump oils, cutting oils, heat transfer fluids, compressor oils, coolants, drawing compounds, tri-purpose oils, hydraulic oils, airplane smoke oils, rock drilling oils, and many more.

Petra – Petra Oil Company has extensive experience in the aftermarket automotive industry. The brand offers more than 150 products and specialized automotive service equipment and maintenance chemicals, including a full line of detail and appearance products. They provide high quality diesel cleaning products that promote a long car life, such as their Petra Diesel Fuel Power, Petra Diesel Fuel System Cleaner, Petra Diesel EGR Cleaner, Petra Diesel EGR Rinse, and Petra PDFS910_Diesel System Fuel Service.

Chevron with Techron – As a 1st Source Marketer ELITE, SCL has had a long, upstanding relationship with Chevron. We not only provide an extensive portfolio of the brand’s products; we have and continue to facilitate benchmarking trials for Chevron. Chevron with Techron – Chevron’s fuel cleaning additive tackles engine buildup to maximize mileage, improve acceleration, minimize emissions, protect engine parts, and reduce or stop engine knock.

The Bottom Line

It’s a fact that over time your diesel engine will build up carbon deposits in and around the fuel injectors and throughout the fuel system, which will negatively impact your engine’s power and performance. You can take your truck to a professional garage where they will clean the debris using ultrasonic waves, but this method can be time and cost prohibitive. You can disassemble and clean the fuel injectors in-house, which can also be time consuming and potentially costly if mistakes are made, or you can choose what we consider to be the best option for cleaning your diesel engine – utilize chemical fuel injector cleaners. This option removes debris from the fuel injectors while the truck is running, circulating it throughout the entire fuel system. With no negative impact on your truck or vehicle, these chemical fuel additives remove debris where it is then burned and eliminated. Speak to an SCL representative today about how to add diesel cleaning products to your preventative maintenance schedule to keep your diesel fleet operating at top performance levels.

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In a wide range of industrial sectors, SCL is committed to being the number one logistics and solutions provider for the products that protect and optimize the machines that keep our country moving. We pride ourselves on remaining at the forefront of industry trends and technological innovations, and as the market continues to evolve, we are committed to providing extensive product and industry knowledge and total performance satisfaction for our customers. For information on how we can assist your fleet in choosing the optimal products at a competitive price, contact an SCL consultant today.

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