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Ceramic Paint Correction and Protection – Trending Hot in CA

Ceramic Paint Correction | Photo: Patrick Meves Photography

Ceramic Paint Correction | Photo by Patrick Meves Photography

Why Californians Love This Paint Correction Technology

Californians love their cars, and anything that will protect and enhance the bling factor of a paint job makes their ears perk up immediately. In this article we geeked out with SCL Automotive Preventative Maintenance Specialist, Thomas Armitage – self proclaimed car nerd – who talked with us about the biggest trend he’s currently seeing in the automotive detailing industry – ceramic paint correction and protection. Before moving over to SCL, Thomas logged 15 years with Mercedes Benz – 12 years as a master certified technician and 3 as a master certified service advisor. Subjected to extensive training and steeped in the high standards that make Mercedes Benz a global leader in both quality and luxury, he learned a thing or two about what is genuinely hot, and what falls into the category of being just another “snake oil item” on the market. Says Armitage, “Ceramic paint correction is the latest craze sweeping California right now, and there are a lot of options available to consumers. Based on my own research, as the top of the list is PetraCeramicGlass+, a coating made with a proprietary blended hybrid of ceramic and glass compounds that bond to a vehicle’s clear coat at the molecular level. This product is far superior to any of the other ceramic correction options on the market and offers consumers an all inclusive 7-year warranty. After one application, you can set it and forget it.”

The Benefits of PetraCeramicGlass+ Ceramic Paint Correction

PetraCeramicGlass+ creates a hard shell coating that goes around the entire vehicle and bonds to the clear coat on a molecular level, eliminating the need for a costly paint job. On average, a full paint job on your vehicle will run you anywhere between $6,000-$15,000 depending on the size, model and make of the car. With PetraCeramicGlass+ you are looking at a one-time application that will protect your vehicle from harmful UV damage, direct heat, chemical damage, rust, dirt, dust, hard water stains and other forms of damage for up to 9 years without degrading – 7 years of that time under warranty. With a Mohs hardness scale of minerals rating of 9H – the Mercedes Benz standard – you won’t find a more durable correction/protection option available on the market. “I’m generally very picky and skeptical when a company comes out and starts boasting about the pros and cons of their ‘magic bullet’ product,” says Armitage. “But after installing the ceramic coat on my own vehicle, I very pleasantly surprised. If I would have had a professional auto body shot paint my car it would have cost me a fortune. For a fraction of the cost, ceramic paint correction restored the paint right back to factory status because it enhances the original paint coat, and ceramic is considered to be 3D on the visual scale, giving it incredible depth. I haven’t found anything that works as well to prevent rusting, scratching, hard water spots, or scaling that eats into the clear coat of a vehicle. PetraCeramicGlass+ doesn’t chip away in layers, but instead remains an isolated blemish because the ceramic layer is embedded directly into the clear coat.

Photo by Patrick Meves Photography

Photo by Patrick Meves Photography

The Competition

Says Armitage, “There are a lot of inferior products floating around on the internet with no substantial backing by a warranty or guarantee. Some products offer a lifetime warranty yet require an annual maintenance fee of $90 on top of the initial upfront investment, as well as stipulations that require maintenance within 30 days of the anniversary of your purchase. PetraCeramicGlass+ is patent pending and backs their product without having to take any additional  action for 7 years. It is an excellent product that requires nothing beyond your initial investment.” Other ceramic correction and protection products require specific instructions on how to wash your vehicle after the product has been applied. PetraCeramicGlass+ allows you to wash your car and go – no special treatments or adjustments.

The Bottom Line

PetraCeramicGlass+ is a superior paint corrective and protective product that is garnering a lot of attention among Californians for its durability and 7-year warranty. With the average person keeping their car for 7 years, it is a perfect insurance policy to protect your investment, keeping your paint looking factory new. Petra claims that the product itself will last for 9 years, with 7 years of warranty coverage with no maintenance or additional annual fees. If you live near the coast and are exposed to the corrosive effects of salty air, if you travel into the nearby mountains of Tahoe or Mammoth and are exposed to snowy and icy conditions, or if you simply drive the highways and byways of California under the blazing summer heat, protect your investment with PetraCeramicGlass+.

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