Prepare for Summer with Air Conditioning Maintenance

Air Conditioning Maintenance

Air Conditioning Maintenance

Summer Temps Are Just Around the Corner – Prepare by Maintaining Your AC Unit

With Summer right around the corner, it’s time to make sure that your vehicle’s air conditioning unit is operating at its max potential. If you have ever had the unpleasant experience of idling in traffic on the 405 freeway in Los Angeles, the I-15 in San Diego or the 91 in Riverside during the dead heat of August, then you know the importance of a functioning air conditioning unit. Besides the basic comfort factor of being able to thermoregulate when numbers hit the triple digits, running an AC unit that has been properly maintained will support air flow, cooling performance, air leak prevention and will enhance your overall air quality with the elimination of unwanted odors, humidity and moisture.

AC Degradation Over Time

When you first buy a new vehicle, the air conditioning unit works like a charm, blowing the coolest, cleanest, most refreshing air possible. You might have noticed, however, that with time, the air coming from your AC unit can be a bit stale, not as cool, and can even have a slight musty odor to it. Instead of cold air, it blows cool air, which may be an indication that your freon charging system needs replacement or cleaning. But similar to the routine maintenance done on your home air conditioning unit or swamp cooler, air conditioning maintenance in your vehicle will enhance overall air quality and cooling performance.

Air Conditioning Maintenance

When cleaning the ducts and cabin filter of your vehicle, consider implementing an AC system product to enhance cooling and air quality. At SCL, we carry a full line of Petra AC products that were developed with the highest quality formulations and tested to ensure top performance for automotive air conditioners. Petra’s full line of long lasting and biodegradable AC products for cars, trucks, vans and RV’s include:

  • Petra ICE32 – Available in 3 oz aerosol or 1.5 oz liquid bottles, Petra ICE32 improves air flow and cooling performance while cutting humidity, eliminating moisture and acid and sealing up the entire cooling system to prevent air leakage. Petra ICE32 creates a film that seeks out and adheres to metal surfaces. This polarizes and modifies the air molecules flowing through your AC unit, providing higher and better flow. It extends the life of your AC system, preventing sludge, maintaining a cleaner compressor and with a UV dye, finding leaks within your system is easy.
  • Petra Univeral R-134A PAG 100 Refrigerant Oil – The medium viscosity, ISO 100 Petra Universal R-134A PAG 100 Refrigerant Oil was specifically designed for R-134a air conditioning systems and meets all OEM specifications. Formulated with UV dye for easy leak detection.
  • Petra Evaporator Odor Eliminator – Professional strength foaming agent that eliminates odors caused by mold and bacteria from your AC system while cleaning the evaporator. Petra Evaporator Odor Eliminator is a long-lasting formula is biodegradable with a fresh, clean scent. It is compatible with all R-134a AC systems and comes with a 38” extension tube with spray wand for convenient application.
  • Petra AC Stop Leak – This biodegradable, non-chlorinated and non-sulphonated formulation stops refrigerant leaks on rubber hoses, gaskets, seals and most AC system o-rings. Compatible with all common automotive air conditioning lubricants, Petra AC Stop Leak creates a film that seeks out and adheres to metal surfaces, similar to Petra Ice, allowing polarized and modified molecules to flow easily through AC units. Better flow, improved cooling performance, extension of AC unit life, sludge prevention, compressor support, eliminates moisture and acids, cuts humidity, enhances cabin comfort and contains a UV dye for easier leak detection.

The Bottom Line

How much time do you spend in your vehicle or truck? What’s the quality of the air you’re breathing and what is your level of comfort in terms of temperature? With mild spring temps, you may not yet be thinking of maintaining your vehicle’s AC unit, but summer is just around the corner. Don’t get stuck in the heat breathing stale, low-quality air. Ask us about our full line of Petra air conditioning maintenance products to enhance your vehicle’s air quality, cooling performance and eliminate mold, bacteria and unwanted odors.

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