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Des-Case Filtration Products for Lubricant Protection

September 20, 2018

Des-Case – Optimal Protection Against Moisture and Debris Contamination control is a reality when you are dealing with products that can make or break the health and productivity of costly equipment. At SCL, we take contamination seriously, which is why we have partnered with Des-Case – an industry leader in... Read More +

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Des-Case: Productos de Filtración para la Protección de Lubricantes

September 20, 2018
Des-Case   Des-Case: Protección óptima contra la humedad y los desechos El control de la contaminación es una realidad cuando… Read More +

Desiccant Breathers for Optimal Lubricant Filtration

March 5, 2018

What Are Desiccant Breathers You’re most likely familiar with the small packets of plastic pearls that come inside a box of new shoes – desiccants – hygroscopic substances used as drying agents, removing humidity and reducing particulate and moisture contamination. Desiccant breathers are used in a similar capacity for lubricant... Read More +

Proper Fluid Filtration for Optimal Equipment Performance

September 24, 2017

Filtration of Hydraulic Fluids to Maintain Quality and Integrity In this article we spoke with Brett Leggitt – Division Manager for SCL’s Richmond, California location about the importance of proper fluid filtration for industrial oils and hydraulic fluid to ensure the optimal health and performance of your heavy duty equipment.... Read More +

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