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Shipping Industry Overhaul – Cleaning Up the Maritime Industry

The Shipping Industry Faces  a Major Environmental Overhaul It has been estimated that nearly 90% of the goods and services transported around the planet are moved via ocean freight. China is currently the United State’s largest trade partner, with a total of $635.4 billion exchanged for both imports and exports... Read More +

Reforma de la Industria del Transporte: Limpieza de la Industria Marítima

Industria Marítima La Industria Marítima enfrenta una Importante Reforma Ambiental Se ha estimado que casi el 90% de los bienes… Read More +

Wind Energy Technology – What the Future of Wind Looks Like

The Benefits and Problems of Wind Energy Technology Harnessing the wind is an ancient technological practice, first employed by maritime peoples who captured it’s force in their sails to propel them across vast stretches of ocean. According to the Wind Energy Foundation, “Wind technology propelled boats along the Nile River as... Read More +

La Tecnología de la Energía Eólica: Cómo se Ve el Futuro del Viento

La Tecnología de la Energía Eólica Los Beneficios y Problemas de la Tecnología de Energía Eólica   Aprovechar el viento… Read More +

The US Economy and OPEC – How They Are Connected

How OPEC Impacts the Cost of US Goods and Services American mathematician, meteorologist and the pioneer of chaos theory, Edward Lorenz coined the phrase the “butterfly effect” in 1969, which suggests that small perturbations, changes and causes in one location may have large effects and impacts in an entirely different... Read More +

La Economía de EE. UU. Y la OPEC: Cómo están Conectados

La Economía de EE. UU. Y la OPEC Cómo Afecta la OPEC el Costo de los Bienes y Servicios Estadounidenses… Read More +

Weather Related Traffic Accidents – Fall and Winter Preparation

Weather Affects Traffic Accidents and Driving Behavior Even though it’s hotter than the blazing pits of Hades in much of California right now, the Fall season is technically right around the corner and weather related traffic accidents are unfortunately something we as drivers need to consider. We are keeping our... Read More +

Accidentes de Tráfico Relacionados con el Clima - Preparación para Otoño e Invierno

Accidentes de Tráfico Relacionados con el Clima El Clima Afecta los Accidentes de Tráfico y el Comportamiento de Conducción A… Read More +

California’s Wildfires and How They Impact the Economy

When California Is On Fire the Economy Feels the Burn The origin of the name California can be traced back to a handful of theories, including a Spanish translation, caliente horno, meaning “hot furnace;” an indigenous word meaning “high hill;” and most commonly recognized, from the 16th century novel Las Sergas... Read More +

Incendios Forestales en California y su Impacto en la Economía

Incendios Forestales en California Cuando California está en llamas, la economía siente la quemadura El origen del nombre California se… Read More +

Grease Handling – Incorrect Storage is Costing You Money

Are You Properly Storing and Handling Your Grease? Grease doesn’t get as much attention as other types of lubricant products, but it can in fact be impacted by fluctuations in temperature and should be stored and handled in a way that maintains its chemical integrity. In this article we spoke... Read More +

Manejo de Grasa: El Almacenamiento Incorrecto le está Costando Dinero

Manejo de Grasa ¿Está almacenando y manejando adecuadamente su grasa? La grasa no recibe tanta atención como otros tipos de… Read More +

Reliability-Centered Maintenance Programs For Your Business

Protect Your Physical Assets with Reliability-Centered Maintenance Programs Reliability-Centered Maintenance (RCM) is an engineering framework that enables the definition of a complete maintenance regimen for your physical assets. The idea of Reliability-Centered Maintenance Programs has been around since the 1970’s, first coined by senior executives and engineers at United Airlines, who outlined... Read More +

Programas de Mantenimiento Centrados en la Confiabilidad para su Negocio

Programas de Mantenimiento Centrados en la Confiabilidad Proteja sus Activos Físicos con Programas de Mantenimiento Centrados en la Confiabilidad El… Read More +

Spanish Translation – Expert Insight Posts Now in Spanish

Look for Our “Leer en Español” Links on All Future Posts To serve all of our customers and the many industries that we cater to in the best manner possible, moving forward SCL will be publishing articles in our “Expert Insight” section of our Blog translated into Spanish as well as... Read More +

Busque nuestro enlace “Leer en Español” en todas nuestras futuras publicaciones

Spanish Translation Para servir a todos nuestros clientes y a las muchas industrias a la que atendemos de la mejor… Read More +

Truck Driver Shortage – Why This Job is So Hard to Fill

Massive Driver Shortages in the Trucking Industry According to a report by Axios, there are many industries in the United States that are having a tough time filling critical employment roles, such as construction workers, farmers, truck drivers and first responders. Despite good pay and benefits, there is a giant... Read More +

Escasez de Conductores de Camiones: ¿Por Qué este Trabajo es tan Difícil de Llenar?

Escasez de Conductores de Camiones Escasez Masiva de Conductores en la Industria del Transporte Terreste De acuerdo con un informe… Read More +

Uber Self-Driving Trucks Are Now A Thing of the Past

Uber Self-Driving Trucks Division is No Longer In March of this year we wrote an Expert Insight piece on the rise of Uber Freight and their desire to expand the cutting edge use of autonomous vehicle technology. It was believed that this would drastically disrupt the trucking industry, and was... Read More +

Los Camiones Autodirigidos de Uber son cosa del Pasado

Camiones Autodirigidos de Uber La división de Camiones Autodirigido de Uber ya no Existe En marzo de este año, escribimos… Read More +

3 Things to Know About the New API SN PLUS Formulation

The New API SN PLUS Formulation and Why You Should Care When it comes to turbocharged engines, it’s all about performance, which is why automakers are spearheading the newest supplemental motor oil specification – API SN PLUS – to protect against Low-Speed-Pre-Ignition (LSPI) – a condition found within Turbocharged Gasoline... Read More +

The 3 Tiers of Food Grade Lubrication – H1, H2, H3

Food Grade Lubrication – Not All Products Are Created Equal When dealing with manufacturing or packaging products that require food grade lubrication, it is essential to be conscious of what greases, degreasers, cleaners, seamers, etc that you may be using in your warehouse or facility because public health and safety... Read More +

Los 3 niveles de la lubricación de grado alimenticio - H1, H2, H3

Cuando se trata de lubricación de grado alimenticio, no todos los productos son iguales Cuando se trata de fabricar o… Read More +

How Houghton Fluids Keep Our Most Reputable Brands in Motion

Innovative and Sustainable Fluid Solutions For some of the world’s most reputable names and brands –  Rolls Royce, NASA, and Boeing – only the best will do, which is why they choose Houghton International fluid technology to meet their industrial needs. Based in Valley Forge, Pennsylvania, Houghton is involved with the... Read More +

Cómo los Fluidos de Houghton Mantienen Nuestras Marcas más Reconocidas en Movimiento

Houghton Fluids Soluciones innovadoras y sostenibles para fluidos Para algunos de los nombres y marcas más reconocidas del mundo, Rolls… Read More +

Rev Up Your Diesel Engine With Diesel Cleaning Products

Improve Fleet Performance with Diesel Enhancing Products It’s not the most common element in the preventative maintenance schedule of a diesel fleet, but by implementing a regular practice of cleaning your diesel fuel system you can improve fleet performance and support your trucks to run cleaner, with more fuel efficiency,... Read More +

Mejore su Motor Diesel con Productos de Limpieza Diesel

Diesel Cleaning Products Mejore el rendimiento de la flota con productos enriquecedores de diésel No es el elemento más común… Read More +

Choosing a Less Expensive Lubricant Will Not Save You Money

How Does Oil Actually Affect Your Bottom Line? With the ever increasing cost of running a business, companies will do anything to increase savings to their bottom line. When the cost of lubricants goes up – and it will – fleet managers often think that by changing their oil provider... Read More +

Elegir un Lubricante Menos Costoso No le Ahorrará Dinero

¿Cómo Afecta Realmente el Aceite a su Balance Final? Con el constante aumento de costo de administrar un negocio, las… Read More +

What is the Global Decarbonization Movement

Nations Around the World Are Working Together to Minimize the Effects of Carbon Emissions What is Global Decarbonization Simply put, decarbonization is the removal of carbon from a system… whether that be your engine or the atmosphere. Why does this matter? Many scientists, economists, politicians and citizens around the world... Read More +

¿Qué es el Movimiento Global de Descarbonización?

Global Decarbonization Naciones de Alrededor del Mundo Trabajan Juntas para Minimizar los Efectos de las Emisiones de Carbono ¿Qué es… Read More +

Understanding Biobased and Biodegradable Lubricants

Many Applications Require Biobased Lubricants What Are Biodegradable Lubricants Biodegradable lubricants have molecular structures with the capacity to degrade biologically over time thru the processes of bacterial decomposition or by the enzymatic biodegradation of other living organisms such as yeast, protozoans and fungi. These biodegradable bases are often derived from... Read More +

Comprendiendo los Lubricantes de Base Biológica y Biodegradables

Biodegradable Lubricants Muchas Aplicaciones Requieren Lubricantes de Base Biológica ¿Qué son los Lubricantes Biodegradables? Los lubricantes biodegradables tienen estructuras moleculares… Read More +

How Your Company Can Prepare for an OSHA Inspection

Will Your Team be Prepared for an OSHA Review? As a business owner or manager, understanding that your business is subject to both routine and unexpected OSHA inspections is important, and having a plan in place to keep your team prepared will support you in avoiding costly fines. OSHA stands... Read More +

Cómo su Compañía Puede Prepararse para una Inspección de OSHA

OSHA Inspection ¿Su Equipo Estará Preparado para una Revisión de OSHA? Como propietario o gerente de una empresa, es importante… Read More +

Round 3 of Lubricant Price Increase Set for July/August of 2018

  Oil Marketers Brace Themselves for Lubricant Price Increases Recently we received notification from some of our major and private label oil manufacturers that a 3rd round of lubricant price increases for finished lubricants are coming, beginning July and August of 2018. Notifications continue to trickle in, but as of... Read More +

Ronda 3 de aumento de precio del lubricante fijado para julio / agosto de 2018

Aumento de Precio   Comercializadores de Aceite se Preparan para el Aumento en los Precios de Lubricantes por Julio/Agosto de… Read More +

California Experiences Increase in Cardlock Skimmer Theft

Skimmer Fraud on the Rise at California Cardlock Stations An industry alert recently submitted by the California Independent Oil Marketers Association (CIOMA) highlighted a rising trend in skimmer fraud at Cardlock terminals across California. As we explored in a previous SCL Expert Insight post, skimmers are “small card readers installed within... Read More +

Shell and ExxonMobil Come to Blows Over Sub-Standard Oil

Mobil-branded Delvac 1300 Super 15W-40 Under Fire Historically, major players in the Big Oil arena have refrained from taking shots at one another, maintaining a relatively cordial level of competition. But recently two industry giants took aim at one another – Shell and ExxonMobil – over heavy duty diesel engine... Read More +

Top 4 Ways to Diagnose a Cooling System Issue

Understanding Your Cooling System Your cooling system is essential to the overall health and well-being of your engine, especially during warmer temperatures, and vehicles produce a significant amount of heat during operation. They need to be regularly cooled in order to avoid overheating and other forms of engine damage. Your... Read More +

Are CFN and Cardlock Cards Credit Cards?

The differences Between CFN, Cardlock Cards and Credit Cards It’s plastic, it has a mag strip, it may even have a chip, so what is the difference between your credit cards, CFN and cardlock cards? Here at SCL we have encountered more than once a situation where a fleet manager gets caught... Read More +

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